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Migration Checklist 

After we receive the migration request, we will share a migration checklist. The checklist is a set of tasks that need to be completed before the migration can happen. This is to ensure that everything is setup for the migration to happen without any issues or delays.

Most tasks are quite straightforward; however, we have explained some of them here:

  1. Configure your live payment gateway account in your Chargebee live site. If you are going to charge your customers using their payment details (card, ACH, PayPal, etc.), you should configure your gateway credentials in your Chargebee live site.

  2. Invite a Chargebee user (Settings > Site Settings > Users) to your Chargebee LIVE site as an Admin. We need access to import and verify the data during the migration. After the migration is complete, you can revoke access.

  3. Access to existing cards given to Chargebee? If you have the payment details of your existing subscribers, Chargebee needs access so your existing Customers can continue to be charged using it.

  4. Filled the migration sheet with your subscription data that needs to be imported into Chargebee? You should fill all the necessary Subscription details including the Customer details (name, email address, billing address etc.), Subscription status (Trial, Active, Canceled, etc.), next billing date (should be a future date), plans, addons and coupons, if any.

  5. Chargebee will not send any email notifications to customers that are being imported during the migration process. Is that okay? During the migration, we do not trigger any email notifications by default. This is so your customers don't get an email notification and get confused. If you need your customers to receive an email when their subscriptions are created, you can specify that and we will send the email notification.

  6. Should Chargebee disable webhooks for events that are triggered for subscriptions during the import process? Generally, if you are doing an API integration and you have also configured your webhook URL in Chargebee, the events generated in Chargebee will be notified via the webhook URL. If you do not want your system to be notified of these events, specify "No". If you are not an API user, specify "NA".

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