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Stripe supports a wide range of payment methods to help you accept payments around the world. Each payment method varies in the authentication process. As a merchant, you can seamlessly integrate Stripe with Chargebee to process your payments.

At present, you can accept two types of direct debit payments.

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) - The ACH is a type of electronic funds transfer network used in the United States. ACH provides inter-bank clearing of credit and debit transactions. The ACH electronic network helps banks and financial institutions exchange information in between.
  • Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) - This unique euro payment area establishes an integrated European market for payment instruments. The aim of SEPA is to ensure that payments within Europe take place as simply and effectively as those within a single country.

Configuring Payments via Stripe

Step 1: Click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Payment Gateway > Add payment gateway > Stripe

You can configure Stripe either from your Test or Live account.

Step 2: Log in to an existing account or create a new one.

Step 3: The Configure Stripe page will open as shown below.


Click the Manage link next to cards to configure them.

  • Prepaid cards: Enable this option to allow your customers' to pay via prepaid cards.
  • Always retain card information in Stripe: This is useful in case you have configured multiple gateways. Enabling this option will update the details in Stripe.

Apple Pay 

Enable this option to allow your customers to pay via Apple pay. Learn more.

Direct Debit (SEPA) 

Chargebee allows you to configure Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), a payment-integration initiative by the European Union (EU) using Stripe. To accept SEPA payments using Chargebee, you must have a bank account linked with Stripe.

  • SEPA is applicable only for payments made in Euro.
  • SEPA as a payment method option is supported only in the new version of Chargebee's hosted pages.
  • Customers in the launch plan can configure only one payment gateway for a payment method. Therefore if you have configured any other gateway for SEPA, you will not be able to configure this. Please upgrade to a higher plan to configure SEPA via Stripe.

Enable this option to configure Direct debit payments for European customers. The SEPA configuration page will open up as shown below.

Learn more about SEPA payments via Stripe.

Direct Debit ACH 

Chargebee allows you to configure ACH Direct Debit Payments via Stripe. Enable this option to configure ACH Direct Debit Payments.

The ACH Configuration page will open up as shown below.

Learn more about ACH Payments via Stripe.

ACH Credit Transfer 

Offline payment methods, majorly bank & wire transfers (also called as Push payments) are used by SMBs and Enterprise businesses alike.
When customers pay offline, the transaction details are not sufficient to update the due invoices. This could happen because the payment amount changes due to foreign exchange rate conversion involved in multi currency payments or the reference details or payment instructions do not reach when you receive the payment
So there is a lot of manual effort involved in reconciling payments with due invoices.

With Stripe's ACH Credit Transfer feature, Chargebee updates payment due invoices (offline) accurately and removes the effort required to search and update due invoices.

Learn more about Stripe ACH Credit Transfer.

Configuring Webhooks 

Webhooks are indispensable to a smooth SEPA workflow; they notify Chargebee of any changes made to the transaction on Stripe so Chargebee can keep you updated on what's going on with your payment. They can be configured by pasting Chargebee's notification URL in your Stripe account at Your account > Account settings > Webhooks > Add endpoint > Account. Find a more detailed tutorial on configuring webhooks on our Stripe  page.


In case you remove your Stripe account from Chargebee, this URL will no longer be valid. Adding Stripe to Chargebee again will generate a new URL that you will (once again) have to paste in your Stripe account.

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