Early Adopter Program

The Simplest Way to Add Subscriptions to Your Store

For early-stage Shopify merchants, launching subscriptions is still painful.

We’ve built an experience so simple that it can now be done in few minutes. It’s free to install, works with Shopify Checkout, needs no developers to start.

Sign-up today and process upto $2Mn for FREE every year.

Chargebee’s subscription app lets you stay focused on offering the best products without having to nerd out on subscription billing

Why Sign-up for the Early
Adopter Program (EAP)

Early Access

Early Access - Not a beta testing program but a priority pass to use a fully built and tested app

Action Ready

Action Ready - DIY experience to roll out subscription plans without writing any code

No Frills

No Frills - No bloatware and purpose-built to be simple to use for early-stage Shopify merchants

Best Deal

Best Deal - Free to install and no transaction fees for upto $2Mn every year.

Top benefits and features include:

DIY, no-code approach
Go Live In Minutes
Instantly add subscriptions to any of your existing products without writing a single line of code. Tailor the look and feel of the subscription widget with a live preview and create a seamless experience across web and mobile devices
Plans and discounts
Experiment and Acquire
Create attractive subscription plans with different delivery and discounting options. Add plans to specific products, collections, or the entire catalog
Alerts and notifications
Inform and Engage
Implement a complete experience for your subscribers. Configure notifications and reminders that tag with key lifecycle events like subscribe, cancel, and payment.
Self-management portal
Stay Flexible and Visible
Enable shoppers and your support teams to make changes to subscriptions and upcoming orders from one convenient place
Free to use and enterprise-grade
Best Pricing and Support
Get all the help you need to go live immediately even in the free tier. Avoid wasting time in long support queues and insufficient chat-based support. Get things working for your reality with high-touch engineering support.