A Masterclass for eLearning Businesses to Scale through Experimentation

Coursera's user base increased by 66% - that's a little over 30 million. Class Central saw a rise in 16 million learners. EdX saw 10 million new users and became one of the world's top 1000 websites!

This explosive growth is not just a consequence of the pandemic. It's more about their ability to leverage technology to scale and the experiment with their monetization, pricing, and cataloging.

Join us for a power-packed 90-min session to learn from our experts how you can experiment to go-to-market faster, build long-time relationships with your learners, and deliver a personalized, up-to-date curriculum on-demand.

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How to offer a better billing experience for your learners?
For a business that's learner-facing, it's important to offer flexible payment options. Learners quickly churn when they don't see the value and before you know it, you have a leaky bucket problem. Know how you can customize the billing experience based on the learners' preferences.
How to go-to-market faster with a scalable plan & course catalog?
Adding new courses to a plan or removing existing ones can sound like an easy task. But do it a few hundred times on top of your existing code with your developer, and you'll end up with a bloated product catalog in the backend. Learn how you can create a lean catalog that lets you add courses, map it to plans and add-ons without any code.
How to grow your learner base and automate lifecycle management?
You want your learner's journey to be as easy as possible to complete their purchase. At the same time, if you can convince them to add one more item to their shopping cart, you can raise your average order value and develop your eLearning ROI. Learn how to craft an elegant and smooth checkout experience.
How to sustainably reduce churn and improve your churn rate?
A churn rate of 5% per month equals losing nearly half of your existing learners in a single year—meaning half of your revenue. And the effort and expense that went into acquiring, training, provisioning, and supporting those learners are all lost. Learn what a healthy churn rate for education is and how you can achieve it.