Chargebee for Entrepreneurs Comprehensive billing resources
to launch and grow your subscription startup.

Build An Amazing Subscription Experience
Save A Minimum of $7000 USD While You’re At It.

With Chargebee for Entrepreneurs, you can get special access to Chargebee’s RISE plan for free, and save a minimum of $7000 USD on subscription billing.

Manage Subscriptions Seamlessly
Extend & manage free trials, handle plan upgrades & downgrades, offer coupons & discounts and create credit notes. Empower your customers to manage their subscriptions with our pre-built customer portal.
Recover Revenue
Create stickier customer experiences and make churn a thing of the past, with automated payment reminders, and smart email notifications for customer communication and follow-ups.
Bill Smarter
Gain complete control over your billing experience with advance & offline invoicing, tax-supported invoices, flexible billing dates, and much more.
Never Miss A Metric
Stay on top of business health metrics with Tax, A/R Aging and Revenue Recognition Reports, along with subscription metrics, all in one place.

Our growing network

To qualify for Chargebee for Entrepreneurs, your startup must be an alumni or part of the current batch of an accelerator or incubator or backed by a venture capital firm.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does Chargebee for Entrepreneurs offer?
With this Program, you can save more than $7,000 USD on billing and subscription management.
Is my startup eligible for this offer?
Your startup is eligible if its ARR is less than $1M USD, and if it’s associated with an Accelerator, Incubator or VC in our growing network.
I have a Chargebee for Entrepreneurs coupon code. How can I redeem it?

Accelerators in our network have access to your unique coupon code. Get in touch with your Accelerator to claim this code, or e-mail [email protected] to request it.

You can apply your coupon code to your Chargebee account in a few simple steps:

  • Sign up for a Chargebee account.
  • Click on the ‘Go Live’ button on the dashboard, once you are ready to start processing payments.
  • Click on ‘Choose Plan’
  • Choose the ‘Rise’ Plan and click on ‘Proceed’
  • Click on the Plan Name.
  • Click on ‘Apply Coupon’ and enter your coupon code.
Does my offer include overage revenue?
Yes - our offers are all-inclusive and cover the base pricing plan, along with any monthly overage in revenue.
Solution to Manage

Your Code-Free Solution To Managing Billing & Subscriptions.

Billing operations shouldn’t have to be every developer’s top of mind problem. New businesses can use Chargebee without writing code, while our APIs give you the flexibility to build workflows for custom needs.

  • Powerful REST API
  • Comprehensive API Documentation
  • CURL, PHP, RUBY, JAVA, .NET, NODE client libraries
Powering a network of winning startups across 53+ countries
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Partner With Us
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