Brand New Email Notifications

If you use Chargebee to communicate with your customers then you're in for a treat! Our Email Notification revamp is coming, with an unprecedented number of options for customizability, efficiency, and good ol' fashioned charm.

Checkout Pages Revamp

Chargebee's Hosted pages are getting a revamp, with customizable branding, Google Address lookup, and a whole new vibe. What's more, all this will be available in a pop up so your customers will never have to leave your website!

Proration on Cancellation

A customer cancelling a subscription is never fun but we're making the process easy on you. Our updated proration feature will help you record and issue accurate refunds.


Week 2, August 2017

Slack Integration

Get instant updates on your business through Slack! Chargebee's integration with Slack will keep you up-to-date about the changes in your business.
Week 3, July 2017

File Attachment

Ever wanted to attach the Business Agreement or a Tax Exemption Certificate to the customer's record, or the scanned copy of the cheque to an invoice, just so you will have all your records in one place? Well, Chargebee has sorted it out for you with the ‘File Attachment' feature.

Grouping of Account Fields

Jumbled fields can be quite intimidating when you're trying to fill in Customer's details or look for information. Group Account Fields in your Chargebee site and save yourself!
Week 2, July 2017

Time Machine

Ever wanted to travel in time and watch your business evolve? Then Chargebee's new invention- Time Machine, is for you!
Week 1, July 2017

Calendar Billing

If you'd like more control over billing cycles then our new Calendar Billing feature is just for you - it lets you choose when a billing cycle begins!

Friendbuy Integration

Keep track of your referrals with ease. Chargebee integration with Friendbuy is here to help!
Week 4, June 2017

Stripe Radar

Our watchdogs are on alert, and Stripe's are too! Chargebee is partnering with Stripe Radar to bring you state of the art fraud detection tools within your Chargebee site.

Indian GST

Indian GST is here! Chargebee knows how to handle it for you. Find out how to configure the Indian GST in your Chargebee app.
Week 2, June 2017

LeadDyno Integration

Worried about affiliate management? Say no more, we have your back. Chargebee's seamless integration with LeadDyno will take care of it for you.

ReferralCandy Integration

Tracking referrals has never been so easy! To know how it's done, check out Chargebee's integration with ReferralCandy.

Transaction Descriptors

Bank Statements are always in Greek and Latin. Spare your customers the trouble of identifying your transaction in his bank statement with Chargebee's Transaction Descriptors feature.
Week 3, May 2017

Deferred Revenue Reporting

We know how important the numbers are. Chargebee's deferred revenue reports will keep you informed on what revenue you can expect to receive as your business grows and changes over the course of the year.
Week 1, May 2017

Multiple Payment Methods for a Customer

Say goodbye to worrying about a customer's payment method failing. With Chargebee's multiple payment methods feature, you'll be able to add multiple payment methods to a single customer and assign a backup in case of failures.

MailChimp Revamp

Chargebee's MailChimp revamp comes with a sleek, new interface and a lightning quick sync update so your mailing lists in MailChimp are always good to go.

Custom User Roles

Apart from tailoring your site for roles in tech, finance, support, sales, and admin, Chargebee now supports custom user roles - roles with actions that you can define to suit your business. We've got your team covered!
Week 3, April 2017

Payments with Adyen

Time to go global! Chargebee now supports Adyen, a gateway that processes over 250 payment methods from around the world, including UnionPay and Alipay.

Cart Abandonment

Unable to track failed checkouts? Not anymore! Use Chargebee's API to track details of your customers who abandoned their carts, when, and at which stage of the checkout process.
Week 2, April 2017

Tax reports

Taxes can be complicated. Luckily, we're here to help. Chargebee's new tax liability report will give you all the tax-related information you need for a comprehensive overview of taxes in your site.
Week 3, March 2017

Reconciliation in QuickBooks

Reconciling payments from your gateway (or mapping payments in QuickBooks to an aggregate amount in your bank statement) can be difficult and time consuming. Chargebee's reconciliation feature will ease the pain.

Make security a mandatory part of your operations

If you're concerned about security, Chargebee has got you covered! Make two factor authentication (via a six digit code or via a valid Google account) mandatory for all the users of your site.
Week 2, March 2017

Override the prices of plans and addons

The Price Override feature has been updated! You can now override the price of a plan or an addon for a particular subscription.

Advance Invoices: Phase 2

Create advance invoices from within the app! With our Advance Invoices facelift, it's never been easier to bill future subscription renewals.
Week 1, March 2017

Instant ACH payments with Plaid

Chargebee now supports the Stripe-Plaid combination, which offers instant bank account verification, taking the waiting period out of ACH payments.

Save your custom Search Filters

Name your custom search filters and save them so you never have to hunt for a customer, subscription or plan again!
Week 3, Feb 2017

Support Desk Integration

Support your support team! Chargebee's support desk integrations arm your custodians of support with instant Subscription and Customer information.
Week 1, Feb 2017

Xero-Stripe Reconciliation

Reconciling payments (or mapping payments in Xero to an aggregate amount in your bank statement) can be difficult and time consuming. Chargebee's reconciliation feature is here to ease the pain.

Specify a past date when reactivating a subscription

Keep your subscription term dates from going haywire when you cancel and reactivate a subscription. Chargebee now lets you specify a reactivation date when reactivating a subscription.

Filter Customers by Subscription details

Find the customer you're looking for with lightning quick speed. Chargebee's new subscription filter allows you to use subscription details to filter customers in the app.
Week 4, Jan 2017

Advance Invoices

Collect payments for any number of future renewals in a subscription with Chargebee's new Advance Invoices feature!

Coupons in the Customer Portal

Make it easy for your customers to manage coupons from the customer portal. Our coupon support feature allows customers to add/remove coupons directly from the customer portal!

A/R Aging Reports

Chargebee's reports now include A/R Aging so you can better track your outstanding invoices, improve payment collection efficiency and ease your accounting worries a little bit more.

Pre-filled shipping and billing address

Pre-fill your hosted pages with customer data so checkout is smooth and seamless. Chargebee now supports pre-filling the shipping and billing address fields as well.

Set up quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly email reminders

Keep your customer in the renewal loop! Chargebee's new quarterly, half-yearly and yearly email reminders lets you unintrusively keep your customers informed.
Week 3, Jan 2017

Multiple Payment Gateway Accounts

If you have multiple accounts with one payment gateway, connect them all to Chargebee. Our new gateway overhaul comes with a blazing new UI and a state of the art smart routing feature.

Chargebee-Quickbooks Integration

Is accounting getting you down? Let Quickbooks handle all your paperwork! With the Chargebee-Quickbooks integration you can push invoices, payments, credit notes, etc. from Chargebee to Quickbooks.

Accounting Code/Categories for Plans/Addons

Chargebee now captures accounting codes, categories, and classes for all your plans and addons. Say hello to more detailed accounting reports, easier syncing with third party Accounting applications, and goodbye to a third of the paperwork.
Week 4, Dec 2016

Price Override

Customizing the prices of your products is now a whole lot easier. The Price Override feature allows you to change the price of any product while creating subscriptions for your customers.

Two-Factor Authentication

Make your account air-tight! Chargebee now supports two-factor authentication upon signing in. Hello, peace of mind.

Export your credit notes

Finding it difficult to keep track of how much you are crediting back to your customers? Fret no more! The Credit Note Export feature allows you to compile, download and export your credit notes for effortless accounting.

More Languages at Chargebee

Your localization options in Chargebee have officially doubled! We now support customer communication in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, in addition to French and German. Go ahead, put a smile on your customers' faces.
Week 4, Nov 2016

Automatic card updates for Braintree

Never worry about staying in the card update loop again. Chargebee is now on the alert for card update webhooks from Braintree so card details will be updated automatically.

Restrict Prepaid Card Payments

With the limited security around prepaid cards, you might want to restrict them as a payment method. Chargebee offers complete control over prepaid card payments.

Map customer/item data between Chargebee and Xero

Map customers, plans and addons between Chargebee and Xero so you can stay ahead of potential accounting errors.
Week 2, Nov 2016

Localize customer communication

Put a smile on your customers' faces, contact them in their native languages! Chargebee now supports customer email notifications, hosted pages, invoices and credit notes in German and French, with more languages on the way!

Taxes get a revamp

Chargebee's tax features have been supercharged! You can now apply different tax rates to different products, add multiple tax registration numbers, configure tax inclusive or tax exclusive invoices, leverage consistent pricing across regions and more.

Net Days for Invoices

If you're accepting cash, cheque or direct debit payments then you might want to keep your customers informed of how many days they have to complete their payments. Our Net-D feature lets you customize your invoices to do just that. Give it a spin!
Week 4, Sep 2016

Bring Past Invoices with you to Chargebee

Still wondering whether to switch to Chargebee? This new feature takes the transition from smooth to seamless. Bring your past invoices and subscription information with you, Chargebee will handle all the nitty gritties moving forward - including proration!

Use the ‘Last Updated' filter for easier syncing

Syncing up with a third-party application just got easier! Fetch only the items that have been modified since your last sync.
Week 1, Sep 2016

Chargebee - GoCardless Integration

Direct Debit payments in the UK, Eurozone and Sweden are now possible with GoCardless - an online direct debit provider based in the UK.

Week 4, Aug 2016

Chargebee - Xero Integration

Forget your accounting troubles - automatically push invoices, payments, credit notes, taxes, etc. from Chargebee to Xero.

ACH payments via Stripe

Start receiving direct debit payments using ACH with Stripe's gateway.

Fraud detection

Our watchdogs are on duty! If a customer makes a successful payment via one of the suspicious IP addresses that our fraud detection systems have flagged, the payment and the customer will be tagged so you can investigate.
Week 2, Aug 2016

Custom fields for subscriptions

Have customers with multiple subscriptions and want to add subscription-specific information? Guess what? You can now create and use custom fields for the Subscription object.
Week 1, Aug 2016

Custom domain for hosted pages

Seamless customer experience, here we come! You now have the option to use a custom domain in Chargebee's hosted pages and customer portal URLs.

Avalara address validation

No more goods getting returned due to an invalid address! Enable this feature, and have your customer's shipping address verified automatically.

Multi-currency support

Stepping into a new country? We've got you covered. You can now accept payments in 100+ currencies, and manage all of them within a single site.
Week 4, July 2016

Remove coupons linked to a subscription via API

With the new Remove Coupons API, you can now remove multiple coupons associated with a particular Subscription.

Record excess payments using API

You now have the option to record using our API, any excess payments (such as advance payments) made by a customer.
Week 1, July 2016

API call to delete your coupons easily

You can now delete your coupons using the Delete Coupon API.

Auto-updater for cards on Stripe

As soon as your customer's card is updated by their bank, the details will be automatically synced with Chargebee thanks to Stripe's webhook.
Week 2, June 2016

DMARC policy compliance for email delivery

In keeping with the DMARC policy of email account providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), we've changed how Chargebee's email delivery feature works, just a tiny bit.

Sign in using your Google account

With the Google sign in option, you can now sign into your Chargebee account in a single click, if the email address that you had used to sign up for Chargebee is a Google account.

Start serving customers from Central Africa and West Africa

Two new currencies have made their way to our supported currencies list - Central African CFA Franc (XAF) and West African CFA Franc (XOF).
Week 3, May 2016

Make your customers feel at home

You can now use the format and timezone mail merge attributes in your emails to display the time/date signature according to your customers' local timezones.

Pick WePay and process the first $100K for free

If you're based in the USA or Canada, we've got good news: Sign up for Chargebee, pick WePay as your payment processor, and use Chargebee for free until you hit your first $100K of revenue!
Week 2, May 2016

Filter and Sort the results of your 'list' API requests

You can now use Filtering and Sorting options on your bulk fetching of resources via 'list' API methods.

Specify the order of your custom fields

You can now set the sequence of the custom fields in your hosted pages, with the click of a button.

Get the reason for cancellation in MailChimp

An additional field "Cancel_reason" has now been added to your MailChimp subscriber list, to help you easily find out why a customer canceled their account.
Week 4, Apr 2016

Your dashboard, enhanced

Two new reports, for Sales and Reversals, have now been added to your dashboard, and Net Revenue has been included in the Vanity Metrics bar.

Effortless taxation with Avalara integration

Chargebee's direct integration with Avalara, you can handle taxation in USA and Canada with ease. Automate accurate rate determination, basic address validation, tax filing, and reporting, while complying to jurisdiction rules.

Support for zero decimal currencies

Now zero decimal currencies, namely, South Korean Won and Japanese Yen are supported.

More clarity in transactional currency format

All currencies will now appear with the ISO-4217 code by default across the web interface, except for customer accessible pages and documents. This will help in differentiating those currencies that share the same symbol (eg. USD, AUD, and CAD).

Option to use billing/shipping address as card address

You can now give your customers the option to copy the billing or shipping address to the card address fields with the click of a checkbox, in the checkout page.
Week 2, Apr 2016

Announcing API V2

Chargebee API version V2 is now live, while V1 will continue to coexist. In V2, we have released support for Credit Notes API and updates to certain associated functionality like refunds.
Week 1, Apr 2016

DIY custom fields

Chargebee now provides a DIY option that lets you create/customize additional fields for your hosted pages and invoices.
Week 3, Mar 2016

Make your data speak human with Meta Data

You can now add additional information at the resource level (in JSON format), to your subscriptions, customers, plans, addons, or coupons. You can do this via the web interface as well as API.

Gain Customers in Saudi Arabia

Now, Chargebee supports Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR). Please note that the currency's symbol in Chargebee would be "SR".
Week 4, Feb 2016

Delete Subscriptions and Customers easily

You can delete specific customer(s) or subscription(s) directly from your web interface. Post deletion, your reports (like daily MRR) will also get updated accordingly.

Support for a new Zapier trigger

A new trigger has been added to Zapier: "Subscription Reactivated". This will be triggered when a subscription is reactivated in Chargebee.
Week 3, Feb 2016

Start serving customers from Thailand and Czech Republic

Two new currencies have made their way to our supported currencies list - Thai Baht (THB) and Czech Koruna (CZK). Corresponding to that, a new font "Noto Sans Thai" has also been added, for the THB currency.

New dunning actions

You now have the additional option to cancel a subscription as well as mark the invoice as Voided, during the dunning process. (Note: This is applicable for both dunning as well as offline dunning).

Open Source Customer Portal to tailor your portal preferences

With the newly released open source version of the customer portal, you can now add extra portal features that are essential to your business on your own.

Whitelist your return URL domain on your own

Specify the domain that will be used for your return and cancel URLs to be whitelisted, by yourself, to enable portal authentication and to thereby prevent phishing attacks.
Week 1, Feb 2016

Credit Notes - credit handling gets slicker

This new feature blends the different types of credits, simplifies all the complexities of handling credits and refunds, and ensures that there's no room for error. A bonus, you can also please your financial team by adhering to recommended accounting practices.

ShipStation - improved order export experience

With the automated order change management for ShipStation exports, all you have to do now is create a Credit Note for the order change, and Chargebee will take care of the rest.

Option to write off invoices

You can now write off bad debt invoices.

New and refined proration logic

The new model makes proration calculations use-case specific and easily comprehensible. Also, you now get to delete prorated credits yourself (earlier, our support folks had to do this for you).

Collect partial payments for invoices

You can now collect partial payments against an invoice for all kinds of automatic payment methods, using the Collect Now option (where you can enter the amount you want to collect). (Note: This feature is already supported for offline payments.)

New additions to Zapier

Chargebee supports one new trigger and action in Zapier now. Action: Update Subscription - This action lets you update a subscription in Chargebee.
Trigger: New Invoice - This is triggered when a new invoice is generated.
Week 1, Jan 2016

Add/update/delete your customer's additional contact details via API.

An extra field ID has been added, which can be used as the unique reference ID to identify the contact.

Consistent pricing gets more comprehensive

Enhancements have been made, enabling you to add more use cases related to consistent pricing tax rules.
Week 4, Dec 2015

New field in invoice exports

A new field Amount_Due has now been included in the CSV exports of invoices.

Yearly reporting of your business data

A tab has been added to your dashboard for a yearly report, in addition to the existing daily, quarterly and half-yearly reports. For the 1 Year tab to be enabled, data spanning a minimum of 7 months should be present.

Manage Proration settings

The proration options for subscription changes have now been made a part of Site Settings.

Dunning for offline payments

You can now setup dunning reminders for offline invoices. Enabling this option would let you configure Chargebee to send reminder emails for the invoices that get generated for customers paying offline.
Week 3, Dec 2015

More Variables for Pixel Tracking Code

More merge variables related to your Customers, Subscriptions, Plans, Invoices, etc., can now be added to your Pixel Tracking codes, to increase the accuracy and relevance of the tracked data.
Week 1, Dec 2015

Changes to behavior of General Tax option

Now, the tax rates configured using the *General Tax* option will be applied on the invoices of only those customers who belong to your country of business.

Support for 75 more currencies

75 additional currencies have now been added under the umbrella of currencies supported by Chargebee, making it a grand total of 102.

UX enhancements in the Chargebee App

You would notice a few better-looking tweaks in your Chargebee App, like the consolidated dashboard, Test Site/Live Site navigation, etc. Have feedback on these changes? Do write to us at experience@chargebee.com.