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Today we're stepping into a high school Journalism 101 class. The students (and I'm sure you) adequately understand journalism. You get the facts by tracking down the five Ws - what, where, why, when, and who - and report them. Ready?

The assignment is to write the lead of a newspaper story. The teacher begins, "Kenneth L. Peters, the principal of Beverly Hills High School, announced today that the entire high school faculty would travel to Sacramento next Thursday for a colloquium on new teaching methods. The speakers include anthropologist Margaret Mead, college president Dr. Robert Maynard Hutchins, and California governor Edmund 'Pat' Brown."

A few moments later, they were ready with their papers. All answers were as follows: "Governor Pat Brown, Margaret Mead, and Robert Maynard Hutchins will address the Beverly Hills High School faculty Thursday in Sacramento … blah, blah, blah." 

The teacher paused for a moment and then said, "The lead to the story is 'There will be no school on Thursday.'" 

It was a hard-hitting moment for everyone in that class. They realized journalism wasn't merely reproducing facts but figuring out why they mattered. Thirty years later, a student from that class, Nora Ephron, still remembers this lesson. She started her career as a journalist for the New York Post and Esquire and became a screenwriter for films like When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle, both nominated for Academy Awards. 

It can be a crucial lesson for any business. When you're defining the value proposition, identifying the impact you create or what the end-user can gain from your product or service can be a better pitch than simply explaining what you do. 

What is the punchline for your business?

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