Accurate, Transparent Invoicing

Inspire your customers' trust

Chargebee helps you send invoices with all the nitty-gritties. Handle every complexity with ease.

Generate VAT invoices

Track unpaid invoices

Void/write-off invoices

Record partial/excess payments

Create credit notes for invoices, with no complications whatsoever

Export, download or access invoices via API

Send beautiful and accurate invoices →
Subscription Management

Manage all your subscriptions in one place

Manage the entire lifecycle of your subscriptions, create plans & products and view all your subscriptions in one place. While you're at it, invite your entire team to simplify your billing operations.

Role based access for subscription management.

Easily manageable Product and Add on catalog

All your subscriptions in one dashboard

Proration & Credit Management

Handle upgrades and downgrades with intelligent proration

Adjusting prorated credits for downgrades or calculating charges when a customer upgrades should never be done manually. Chargebee ensures your customers are charged, just the right amount, every time.

Cover changes to billing term, upgrades, or downgrades

Create credits for paid invoices

Communicate the changes to customers

Smart Dunning Management

Rescue lost revenue

With Chargebee's flexible retry logic, involuntary churn is a thing of the past

Configure retry attempts for card payments, ACH, SEPA, Amazon Payments, and more

Set up automatic reminders for payments receivable by cash/check

Automate requests for new payment information, before your customer’s card expires

Save money with Chargebee's Smart Retry logic →
Easy integration. Enhanced reporting capabilities. Excellent customer support - this is huge considering how deficient many players in the space are when it comes to actually servicing the client post integration.
Tim Bieser
Managing Director,
SaaS Metrics and Reports

Stay on top of your numbers

Chargebee crunches all your metrics from different payment channels into one dashboard for you to track the health of your business. Don't ever miss anything that matters.




Transaction Trend

Signups & Activations


Access SaaS Metrics that matter →

Automate tax calculation, and compliance

Don't keep track of changing tax rules, Chargebee will do it for you. Be rest assured that the accurate tax amount is calculated

Avalara Integration for US and Canadian Taxes

Native support for AU & NZ GST

EU VAT with VAT Number Validation & VAT Invoices

Transactional Email Notifications

Automate the mundane

Keep your customers in the loop for almost every event under the subscription sun, with

Pre-designed email templates

MergeVar support for complete customization

TEXT & HTML templates for each event

SMTP support (Sendgrid/Mailgun/Gmail)

Send smarter transaction emails →

Data Portability

Chargebee supports credit card portability. As much as we'd love to work with you, if you ever choose to leave we won't lock your data in, we'll just be heartbroken.

Use Orbital with other gateways

If you would prefer Orbital as just a payment option, keep it. Use it along with other gateways and payment methods as an alternative payment option.

Robust APIs and SDKs

Tailor amazing billing experiences

Like Orbital's API? You’ll love Chargebee! Intelligent RESTful APIs that change with your users' signup data. And you get to pick your favorite language.

...the biggest thing we loved is the API, it was SO EASY to integrate with Chargebee, we love it
Liad Biton
With Chargebee, subscription billing and accounting are effortless, efficient, and everything in between.