One neat API, for all payment gateways

Accept payments via any gateway, geography, or currency, with no additional integration effort whatsoever.


Intelligent Routing with multiple gateways

Chargebee’s API lets you dynamically vault a card with a specific gateway of your choice. Just configure multiple gateways, associate customer card with the gateway and let Chargebee handle the rest!


De-risk gateway failures

Every lost customer in recurring revenue equals loss of revenue opportunity over their lifetime (LTV). You can set up multiple gateways and switch in seconds to avoid any failures at the time of customer onboarding.

100+ currencies supported

Accept payments in multiple currencies, without much additional development effort. Customers love it when you choose to listen to their preferences and show intent to want to do business in their currency.


More Payment Methods

61% of global transactions are non-card based. With Chargebee you can accept cards, ACH, PayPal, Amazon etc., And we are adding more options. Chargebee ensures that the entire experience is seamless across payment methods.

Chargebee supports top gateways in 50+ countries, so you can scale your reach with ease. Supported Gateways
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