Trusts, Nudges and other Payment Essentials.

Your proposition worked. A prospect just crossed the to buy or not to buy phase. A series of questions is under way. With Chargebee you can answer such questions by building a better checkout experience.


Create a frictionless checkout experience

The math is simple. An average checkout experience leads to average conversions. Pushing beyond the average requires better checkout pages. Chargebee lets you roll out secure, well designed hosted checkout pages, fast.

Mobile compatible checkout pages
In-app checkout
Secure, PCI compliant pages

Level 1 PCI compliance, peace of mind for you and your customers

Chargebee is a PCI level 1 compliant service provider. That means we have secure systems that have been audited and verified, to ensure that you get the highest level of security there is. Your customers’ crucial information is always safely handled and stored, which also makes it simple for you to comply with PCI.

Let your customers pay the way they want to

Don’t you think we’ve put cards on the pedestal of the payments world, way too long? We get it. They’re good. But not everyone prefers to pay with them anymore. Especially, in times when your customers hail from different parts of the planet. Offering alternative payment options is a no brainer for a SaaS business.

Accept payments with PayPal and Amazon Payments.
Accept direct debits with ACH.
Manage all within one dashboard.

Accept payments with the good old cash and check

Heartbreak. That’s what happens when you say no to offline payments. There shouldn’t be a void between the way people choose to pay and what they want to buy online. You can accept checks and cash, from customers who think that’s the way to go about paying people they do business with. Send a neat invoice, requesting a payment. Once a customer has paid, you can reconcile it in a dashboard, along with other subscriptions

Give away well crafted deals with coupons and coupon sets

The allure of a good deal can only be traded for chocolate chip cookies, at times not even that. A discount for all your beta users. A limited time offer on a deals site. You can create all sorts of coupons with Chargebee, and let anyone in the team handle them. A discount could be just the right nudge for closing a sale. Imagine a salesperson who could apply a discount on her own within seconds, as she speaks with a prospect, and finishes a cappuccino. Voila. 

Percentage or a fixed amount discounts
Flexible time periods.
Use coupon sets to create bulk coupons.

Offer one-time purchases

It’s about relationships not subscriptions. Getting a sense of who your customers are, also means understanding that their buying behavior isn’t just restricted to subscriptions. With one-time transactions you can offer your product or service to those who aren’t yet ready to commit to a subscription. And to those who’re in for a little bit more than what their subscription offers.

Convinced yet?

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