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Give your customers payment options

Don’t let the lack of payment options limit your reach. Spoil your customers with payment options - cards, checks, direct debit, online wallets - Chargebee will help you get them all off the ground.

Xero and Quickbooks: Accounting integrations

Seamlessly connect your Xero or Quickbooks account to Chargebee and give paperwork the ol’ Sayonara. With all the nuances of revenue recognition and reconciliation covered, your records will stay neat and accurate.

Overpayments & Partial payments

Adjusting partial and advance payments, coupons and credits is a hassle, especially when you’re handing bills out every month. Chargebee will keep all your finance information at the ready so you can make instant decisions and keep your customers happy.

Automate invoices

How to make your finance team adore you: Automate invoices; consolidate all account receivables in one place; compliment their shoes. Chargebee will take care of the first two.

New Accept direct debit payments from your customers with GoCardless integration.  

Save lost revenue with smart dunning

Payments might fail. But you don’t have to lose out. Chargebee will set up automatic fail-safes for those tough times when everything is going wrong so your customers are happy and your revenue unscathed.