Chargebee is a billing and invoice app that works with gateways to enable your subscription business.

Sleek, simple, exhaustive - Chargebee’s invoices are one of a kind. Check out our interactive invoice to know why we make the best invoices in town.

Add an invoice title to differentiate your tax and retail invoices.

We also stack neatly the details of invoice number, date, amount, and the status of payment under the invoice title.

Next : Shipping and Billing Addresses →

You also have the option to have different addresses for billing and shipping.

Also, the billing address option comes in handy when your tax rates are destination-based.

Next : Subscription details →

Don't leave them guessing.

Indicate what subscription they're paying for, the billing period, and when they can expect the next invoice.

Next : Line item details →

Lay down details of your customers' purchase.

Items purchased, their quantities, unit price, and the total value - in one simple, scannable section. No more support queries about invoice discrepancies.

Next : Coupons applied on the sale →

What happened to the coupon offers your customer availed? Tell them!

Next : Taxes collected on sale →

Don't miss out on the small but important details.

Chargebee adds a neat little note on the amount charged, the date, and how the payment was received

Next : Customizable notes →

Love personalizing your customer communications?

You have the option to add a note for each invoice that goes out to your customers.

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