Structure Customer, Subscription and Payment Relationships with Account Hierarchy

Organize your subscriptions with account hierarchies. Model entire customer org charts into logical parent-child relationships and set billing preferences within them.

Model Customer Billing
Accounts with Hierarchies
Organize customer accounts across departments, locations, and subsidiaries.
Assign payer and payee responsibilities in the customer org.
Consolidate billing schedules for the entire customer org into one calendar.
Report and manage the account’s key revenue metrics in one holistic view.
Setting up parent-child relationships

Define Customer Relationships
Across Multiple Tiers

Your customer org charts are complex. Often more complex than a simple one-to-many relationship. Sell into multiple subsidiaries of a company, business units across geographies, or even multiple departments in the organization, without losing sight of the big picture. Map customer relationships into nested tiers of Parents and Children. View the entire account as one unit, and drill in to manage individual details

Delegating payment and invoicing relationships

Delegate Payment Responsibilities
and Roll-up Invoices

Sometimes you need to bill the department head. Sometimes procurement prefers to pick the tab directly. Roll up invoices for multiple ‘children’ into one ‘parent’ invoice, or directly invoice the children. Configure any combination of who to bill, and whom to invoice anywhere in the hierarchy. And give customers the ability to pay for and view all subscriptions, including those of child accounts.

Solve The Renewal
Date Conundrum

Your customers would rather have all their users and departments renew at the same date than juggle with multiple billing cycles for each department (oh, the expense tracking woes!). Unify renewal dates across child accounts so parents can receive a single consolidated invoice on a specific date. Makes payments easier for them, and reconciliation easier for your finance team!

Consolidate Invoices throughout the Acccount Hierarchy

Setup Notification Rules
Within the Customer Org

Not everybody needs to be broadcast with notifications for every subscription event. Set up alerts to notify billing owners for payment and invoice notifications, and let children know the critical updates to their subscriptions.

Learn more about email notifications in Chargebee

It’s Not Just How You Bill,
It’s about How You Report

When you view customers within the same account individually, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. Get collated reports that help you view the company as one account contributing to your MRR and expansion before drilling into subsidiaries, departments, and individuals in it.

Get key subscription revenue metrics