Revenue Recognition is complex.
But not with Chargebee.

Revenue Recognition for Subscription Business

Revenue recognition by Chargebee is GAAP-compliant and addresses complexities in accounting and finance for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Revenue Recognition for Annual Plan

Feel at home with our RevRec and
Deferred Revenue Reporting Module

  • Accurate day-based revenue calculation
  • Complex billing use-cases (upgrades, downgrades, proration, cancellation, etc.)
  • Deferred Revenue report to track and account for recognised revenue.
  • Comprehensive Reporting across multiple plans, products, invoices, customers etc.
  • Manage Revenue Recognition for your base currency as well as operating currencies
Feel at home with our RevRec and Deferred Revenue Reporting Module
Revenue Recognition for Annual Plan

Revenue Recognition, For Every Billing and Subscription Scenario

  • Recurring billing
  • One-time billing including one-time charges, addons and metered charges, and set-up fees
  • Mid-term plan-based and quantity-based changes
  • Changes in subscription terms (monthly to annual etc.,)
  • Cancellations that include full and partial refund, bad debts and write-offs
Revenue Recognition Reporting

Accurate, Flexible, Comprehensive Reporting

  • Detailed reporting across Invoices, Subscriptions, Customers, and Products
  • Select time-frames to facilitate projected revenue for future months
  • Filter your reports in Chargebee or export .csv to run your own analysis
  • Deferred revenue report with month-on-month comparison to understand revenue liability
  • Multicurrency reporting is captured as per the base currency or the reporting currency

Automate Revenue Recognition for your Subscription Business with Chargebee