Stay on track with accurate business metrics.

Track your Signups & Activations

Gauge the right metrics

Keep your accountants happy

All your data in one place

With data from all your different payment channels like credit card, wire transfers, checks, Paypal and more together, Chargebee’s dashboard will soon become your favourite place.

Transaction Trend
Signups & Activations
Plan & Addon MRR
Lost Opportunities
”…getting metrics data from Chargebee beats our custom Google spreadsheet metrics easily”
Antti Virolainen
Antti Virolainen
Co-founder & COO

Custom-made & handcrafted reports

We complement our product with our service. Anytime you need customised reporting, our Analytics team manually crunches additional data to deliver handcrafted reports. 

Plan Specific churn
Cohort Analysis
Upgrades, Downgrades
"the Finance team can easily pull all the reports needed from one system."
Antti Virolainen
Kiran Darisi
Co-founder & Director DevOps 

Stay updated on-the-go

No matter where you are, Chargebee sends you a daily report with essential metrics, so you stay on top of your business everyday. Don't miss what truly matters!

Subscription Summary

Signups, Activations, Cancellations

Invoices in Dunning

Customers who should’ve paid but haven’t


Payments, Refunds, Net Revenue

Transaction Summary

Success, Failure, Errors