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Translating Revenue Goals into Product Roadmap
RevOps Roadmap - Baking Predictability Into an Unpredictable Function
Chloe Barritault, Director of RevOps | Button
Transitioning to RevOps Strategy: Handbook for CXO-s.
Jay Khiroya, RevOps Consultant for C-suite
How to Build and Orchestrate Revenue Operations for a Multi-product SaaS
Sethu Chidambaram, Director of RevOps | Freshworks
Where SaaS Finance meets Revenue Operations
Karthik Srinivasan, Director of Finance | Chargebee
Prioritizing the Journey: Customer-Centricity Throughout the Revenue Engine
Sean Lane, Director of Operations | Drift
Sales, Marketing & CS Alignment
Karen Steele, Former Chief Marketing Officer | LeanData
Building an Integrated Revenue Team Aligned to Your Customer
Jason Reichl, CEO/Co-Founder | Go Nimbly
The Role of IT in Revenue Operations
Jim Gearhart, Former Sr. Director, Enterprise Business Applications & Development | Zendesk
Fueling Growth Through Demand Generation
Daniel Day, Former Sr. Director Account Based Marketing | Snowflake
Through the Lens of a Generalist
Chema Ballarin, Head of Sales & Business Development | Eventbrite (Spain)
The Role of CRO & Building a Holistic GTM Strategy
Forrest Hobbs, CRO | Cloudleaf
Optimizing RevOps Strategy with Analytics through the entire funnel, from Sales to Finance
Ella Pebbles, Director of Revenue Operations | Aircall
Define, Capture, Report: The Key to Mastering Your RevOps Metrics
Michael Goldberg, Senior Director Sales Operations | OneLogin