Simplify your
Sales Workflow by Integrating
Salesforce with Chargebee

Take charge of your sales cycle by pairing Salesforce with Chargebee's subscription management software. Reduce back-and-forth between sales & finance and enable your team to close deals faster.

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Manage your Recurring Billing Process from within Salesforce
Optimize your sales cycle by automating the quote-to-cash process from CPQ to payment from within Salesforce.
Maximize win rates by improving process efficiency and giving sales reps full visibility into their prospect’s subscription status inside Salesforce.
Enable sales reps to override default subscription prices and offer discounts and coupon codes so that they can bring more deals to closure.
Adapt your billing system to your sales model. Whether you’re using a sales driven, self serve, or hybrid sales model, Chargebee has got you covered.

Explore why Chargebee is the subscription management platform of choice if you're a Salesforce user

Simplify the Quote-to-Cash process in Salesforce, so your sales reps can focus on what they do best
Avoid shuttle runs between systems by bringing the subscription information inside your deal workflows. Complete the quote-to-cash workflow without having to leave the comfort of Salesforce. The improvement in process efficiency leads to faster closures and consequently, better deal win rates.
Quentin Choserot, Operations manager, Coorpacademy

There is a spot-on sync between Salesforce, Chargebee, and Xero. The sales team follows customer and subscription information in Chargebee and Salesforce. Finance team looks into Chargebee, Salesforce and Xero for the forecast and pipeline. One of the main KPIs is the quality of data between these integrated systems.

Give your sales team everything they need to close deals instead of switching tabs
Control the entire subscription lifecycle of your customers, all from inside Salesforce. Now your sales team can create, view, change and even cancel subscriptions without breaking context, thus saving you time and manual effort.
Joseph Dulo, Finance Controller, Web Shop Manager

Everyday stuff has been very solid with Chargebee. I'll go into Chargebee and see, what subscriptions got paid? What subscriptions might be ending? Who has to update their payment method? Whose credit card is going to expire? What emails went out that day and the email history between customers and us? There's an easy way to filter all that out through the customer link. And Chargebee has helped me greatly in transparently showing the status of my customers contextually.

Easily scale up your sales model by adapting your billing system accordingly
Make recurring billing an integral part of the sales model you're using. For a sales driven model, create or update subscriptions directly from a Salesforce account with a single button click. For a self serve model, mark opportunities as ‘won’ when a sale is completed through a checkout page. And for a hybrid sales model, use powerful matching logic that eliminates duplicate inbound leads in Chargebee and Salesforce.
Dailius Wilson, VP Sales and Growth, GetAccept

The (Chargebee) system is robust yet cost-effective enough to really architect a complex solution using simple methods. We wouldn’t change or consider it even as we scale above the 10 million ARR mark.

Maintain data accuracy between systems by completely syncing subscription and CRM data
Ensure that your sales team has the entire subscription context right inside Salesforce. Have subscription and billing information in-sync with sales - including plans, subscriptions, coupons, addons, complex pricing models, quotes and invoices. In addition, ensure that the sync is running smoothly and get full visibility into the synced records, with the built-in Sync Health Dashboard in Salesforce.