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Simplify Subscription
Management with Chargebee

Plan and Pricing Management
Plan and Pricing Management
Untap New Revenue Potential with Flexible Plans and Pricing
Subscription Lifecycle Management
Subscription Lifecycle Management
Get Visibility into Every
Subscriber’s Lifecycle
Coupon, Discounts and Add-ons
Coupon, Discounts and Add-ons
Discount Management Tailor-made for Subscription Businesses

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Automate all your recurring billing operations from invoice logic, custom billing dates, prorations, upgrades, self-service portals and more.
The main benefit of Chargebee is having the agility to support an evolving pricing structure. (For the sales-driven model) I had the dynamic pricing already rolled out and working in a day and people buying it in real-time. Similarly, (Self-serve model) I want to retain the seat cost, but increase usage. So Chargebee allowed tiered pricing for different tiers of the product using logic. I also brought in the concept of time-based discounts, which we connected to marketing automation. We're doing all these seamlessly with Chargebee.
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