Manage Subscriptions with Contract
Terms for Predictable Revenue

When you make an offer that your prospect can’t refuse, you should be able to translate the terms of the offer into your subscription management tool.

Automate Contractual Obligations

Revenue Operations

Attract high-value customers by accommodating negotiations and offering a custom price for a longer contract period.

Best Reviewed. Always!

Handle terminations gracefully by including a termination fee in the subscription that auto-charges the customer.

24x7 Customer Support

Keep subscriptions flexible by allowing customers to upgrade or downgrade during the term of the contract.


Reduce customer churn with lock-in periods and defined but flexible terms for renewals and cancelations.

For Pricing Negotiations to Go your Way

SaaS Contract Terms Negotiation

When you’re negotiating with a high-value prospect, you often end up working around constraints and offering a custom price. Charge them on a pay-as-you-go model, lock-in their subscription, and automatically charge a termination fee if they want a premature cancelation, all automatically from your billing tool.

SaaS Contract Renewal

Improve LTV of High-Value Customers

With churn rates as low as 3%, annual contracts are your best friend for improving LTV. Annual contracts give you enough time to work on engaging the customer, providing them exemplary services, and turning them into evangelists. With annual contracts, you can offer a discounted price, and charge them monthly/quarterly while also locking in subscriptions for longer.

For a More Predictable Revenue Stream

Annual Contract LTV

Sick of calculating numbers every month to see how close you are to your annual revenue target? With annual contracts, you can drive more predictability into your revenue stream. Marketing teams don’t have to spend a quarter planning pipeline, finance teams don’t have to spend a quarter calculating projections, and customers don’t have to worry about how much they’ll be charged.

Drive sophistication into your SaaS sales workflow
without complicating your sales process.

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Subscription Management
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