WYSIWYG - Transparent Itemised Invoices

The expectation from you as a business is to hold yourself to the highest standard to earn the trust of customer. And it all starts with accurate, unambiguous, transparent Invoicing.

Estimated charges

Every time a customer adds or removes a few users in the middle of a billing cycle, they prefer to know how much they will be charged, and you are expected to prorate the charges. Chargebee enables you to estimate the charges, so that you can display how much will be the current prorated charge and the full amount in subsequent billing cycles.

Controlling the when and how of Invoicing

Details matter. Tasks like specifying whether you want to override proration or not, or the ability to charge now or include the charges in subsequent invoice, are simple to handle. These details in both the user interface and the API make it a breeze to automate and manage most scenarios gracefully.

Accurate real-time metrics

Apart from all the transactional data your daily, monthly metrics are also updated in real time based on upcoming changes, sales reversals etc.,. Chargebee keeps an accurate tap on your MRR data, too. If a customer switches from a monthly $49 per month with 10 users to $29 per month with 50 users, the MRR is immediately updated to reflect the increase of $960 in MRR.

Apportioning credits - the subscription challenge

When an annual customer switches to monthly or from a higher plan to lower plan, you need to factor in the amount of actual cash paid, discount provided and adjust credits accordingly. Some of these could take precious hours of your finance team. Not anymore.

Fall in love with the simplicity of abstraction

Chargebee’s API allows your developers to decouple application logic from billing logic reducing complexity. You can stay nimble when your product, features, and pricing needs to change in the future, which is not uncommon during the early years of every startup.

Deferred billing

If a customer requests for a future subscription change from next billing cycle to upgrade or downgrade, the support team need not remember the billing cycle of customer to make changes effective. Simply schedule the changes. And the system would automatically make changes at the scheduled time and also initiate appropriate charges accurately.