Manage Promotions Effortlessly

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Experiment with Coupon Types

Coupon Types
Play around with different discount types: Make them Fixed amount (ex: 5$ off) or Percentage based (ex: 5% off) according to your choice, and watch those deals close!

Customize the duration

Coupon Duration

Tailor-make your coupons to suit your business. You can customize coupons to either be one-time, for a stipulated period, or unlimited.

There’s a limit to the redemptions

Coupon Types

Decide the validity of coupons and limit the number of redemptions, based on your campaign. Track the number of times a coupon has been redeemed.

Make your own coupons

Coupon Duration

Chargebee’s flexible couponing system ensures that you can drill down discounts to the line-item level, depending on your business needs. So, decide the products on which the coupons should be applied, and standardize those discounts!

Manage coupon codes for campaigns

Coupon Types

Running a campaign? Just create one coupon and easily generate bulk coupon codes off that, thus making your promotions more effective!

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