All your subscription data, organized and actionable

Your subscription data grows constantly. So does the drive to help more customers succeed. And both must be matched. Access organized information. Let the right person take the right actions, without an ounce of dev help.


Manage multiple pricing tiers within one dashboard

Your customers gravitate toward the version of your product that seems most likely to help them with their goals and fits their budget. Your plans let them figure out an important question - what people at their stage pay for a service like yours. Create multiple plans and take care of all your subscriptions, in one place. 

Add credits 
Extend trials
Grandfather-in prices
Access notes from teams
Archive & Delete plans

Leverage addons to create product bundles that work.

If you drew a venn diagram of all your plans, you’ll always find that small intersections exist, in terms of the value that they offer. Your customers wouldn’t want to change their plans for those small intersections. That’s where addons work like a charm. With Chargebee you can mirror the flexibility that you get with plans. 

Create recurring and nonrecurring addons.
Charge based on usage.
Flexible price bundles

Let team members run the show whenever they have to

Almost overnight. Your dev team has shipped a major feature. Your support team has gotten praise hurled toward them as a tweet. Your finance team knows what the numbers have to say. Everything is amazing. Of course, it didn’t happen overnight. If you could let your team members access the information that they need to help, understand, and delight your customers, you climb the growth ladder, rung by rung. Chargebee lets you do that without an ounce of dev help.


Allow your customers to manage their subscriptions on their own

It’s the twenty first century. We’re 15 years in. Customers carry innumerable possibilities in their pockets. What if one of those could be ticking a simple box, and making a change in their subscription? Without having to call you up and without being troubled by constant worries of what they’ll be charged at the end of the month. 

Choose customer actions
Customizable themes
Update/Cancel subscription
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