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On May 20*, the redesigned invoice will hit your test accounts.


New Design

Instantly scannable. Stripped down to essentials. Those Extra lines. Gone. That green paid stamp. Gone. When you compare the old vs new, you'll witness a pursuit of less:

compare invoice

Shipping Address

Your customer's shipping address will also be reflected in the invoice.

Mobile Friendly HTML

PDFs aren't the best way to see stuff on small screens. Now, you'll have an option to add inline mobile-friendly HTML invoices via mail merge.

mobile invoice
So, here's how it renders. What do you think?

Invoice Notes

This feature is out already. Tasked to work as P.S for your invoices. It'll fit the new design beautifully.

What needs to be done?

The new invoice will reflect in your test site on 20th of May*. The system-wide transition, including the live sites will happen within the next 2-3 weeks.

You'll need to make sure that your invoices look proper before the changes occur in your live site(s). If needed, please upload a new logo that fits the new design. If you face any difficulties whatsoever, please let us know.

*UPDATE (25/5/15): Yikes! Our clocks were a bit rusty this time around. We're sorry. But, it's out there now.

The designers are dying to hear from you. Would you let us in on some feedback?
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