Get your subscription business up and running with WePay.

How does this work?

When you sign up for Chargebee, choose WePay as your payment processor and use Chargebee for FREE until you generate your first $100K of revenue*!

*WePay’s payment processing fees will still apply

Who is WePay?

WePay is a leading online payment service provider processing billions annually for leading platforms including FreshBooks, Infusionsoft, and Meetup. Founded in 2008, the company supports seamless payments experiences with best-in-class regulatory and risk protections.

To learn more about WePay, head here.

How does this help me?

Focus on your product rather than building your billing system on top of a payment gateway.

Here’s how

  1. Direct merchant account provisioning : No paperwork, start making money from day one.
  2. Seamless integration : Chargebee is completely integrated with WePay.
  3. Exceptional Customer Support: Chargebee has 24/5 support that customers in 51 countries vouch for.

There must be a catch...

Actually, no. We want to earn your business - we are so confident that you’ll love our painless subscription management that we do all the setup, onboarding, and migration before charging you your first dollar.

After the free $100K period, there are no lock-ins or conditions. If you decide to move away, WePay and Chargebee support full data portability. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated, and we believe that more businesses should be run this way.

Hi there! I’m Ravi and I obsess about all things customer success at Chargebee.

You can ask me anything about subscription billing, payment gateways, and the poetry of snooker balls.

Customers across 51 countries vouch for Chargebee Support. Take a look at our reviews on G2Crowd. Bragging moment: we recently earned ourselves the high performer badge as well!

“….they’re like a team of Gandalfs.”
Convinced yet?

You get your first $100K in invoices for FREE. Yes. No catches. No lock-ins. Nothing.

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