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"The main problem with Zuora was complexity. Even creating invoices involved a lot of human errors because of the different fields you have to fill."

Quentin Choserot, Coorpacademy
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4 Reasons to Use Chargebee Rather Than Zuora

To Zuora, it's still 2006

Zuora arrived in 2006, and from the sound (and look) of it, they've stayed there. Luckily times have changed, even if Zuora hasn't. Chargebee's interface is intuitive and easier to use — even for the most complex use cases. Everything from our pricing to our API docs is open, obvious, and easy to understand. We've built a solution that we want you to enjoy using. Period.

Chargebee gets them
details right!

Chargebee is built for teams that are growing and scaling. It brings the personal touch of small teams and the process efficiency of large ones together. With multiple languages, currencies, and support for global taxes, Chargebee lets you create tailor-made experiences for your customers. Stay ahead of your growth pains and expand across geographies, seamlessly.

Go live in 1 month - not never.

Chargebee puts your business first. Not itself. Migrating existing customers (painful as it may sound), is simplified with Chargebee's proactive support. With in-depth documentation, guides, videos for all use-cases and billing scenarios, Chargebee ensures a hassle-free onboarding experience for your business and makes sure you derive maximum value from the product.

Chargebee integrates with all your favorite tools

Connect Chargebee with 30+ platforms you use every day. Get the complete picture of your daily operations in a single dashboard by syncing data from your CRM, accounting, and finance platforms. Create custom workflows and bring your entire ecosystem closer with Zapier and Stitch.
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We were able to receive 60% of our formerly unpaid accounts thanks to our switch from Zuora to Chargebee.

— Julien Balmont, Co-Founder & CTO, Zenchef

With Zuora

50% of their engineering resources were spent in building internal tools - maintaining Zuora required huge upfront investments.
  • API was "way too complex"
  • Limited revenue recovery and invoicing capabilities
  • Onboarding users into Zuora was difficult

Switch to Chargebee

Seamlessly migrated about 5015 customer accounts, 8881 contacts, and 8797 active subscriptions from Zuora.
  • Flexible and easy-to-use interface
  • Intuitive API oriented for developers
  • Compatibility with French accounting solutions

Chargebee is trusted by thousands of high-growth subscription businesses around the world.

Less time spent on Subscriptions
Increase in revenue in 12 months
Saved on manual Accounting processes
A smart choice for any SaaS business.
Alex Mills

Chargebee has allowed us to segment our business into two parts, and fully automate the lower end.

The development documentation is grade A.
Philip Gladstone

You can cut and paste the examples and actually have them work. We use this as an example of the right way to do developer documentation!

Every step of your evaluation isassisted by our in-depth expertisein subscriptions

White-glove Service

We have a dedicated team that helps migrate all your subscription data securely. Zero hassle and workarounds.

Dedicated Customer Support

No more running between systems to put out fires, you will have 24*7 access to our support from the app.

In-Depth Documentation

Want to figure things out yourself? Sure, we don't want to be in your way. Here are our help docs & API docs.