"3 years ago we changed how we handled recurring billing, it went something like this…"

3 rounds of pricing changes, 200 countries and 50,000 customers later, Freshdesk has hardly changed anything in their billing. Turns out we really did free up their developers.

Care for some food for thought?

A blog post on why, in the SaaS world, winner-take-all is mythical. If you can make enough people care and execute well, there's always room to succeed.

A Professor's Fish, The Winner Takes It All Myth, and 4 Acts of SaaS Brilliance
Oh, the things you'll do with Chargebee!

Launch fast with complete control

Launch fast

Revving up for your private beta? Capture pre-launch sign ups. Keep a tab on trials from the very beginning. Easily sync your launch list with a mailing system and keep your early adopters posted about your progress. And you don't have to pay anything whatsoever, until you start charging for subscriptions.

> Configure Price Bundles easily

Get the price right

Flexible pricing

The right price is what the customer is willing to pay. Run experiments to find the best price levels. Test whether free trials work for you, with or without credit cards. Usage based pricing? Test that too. When your petri dish hints at an increase in sales, move on without worrying about your existing customers, as you can let them stay with their original plans, by grandfathering them in.

> Experiment with your Pricing > Grandfathering

"They clearly understand the needs of their customers, we needed a flexible, hosted recurring billing solution that would allow our customers to subscribe to our products and manage their subscriptions fairly autonomously."

Start accepting subscriptions within minutes

Checkout pages

Remember that time when you had to devour the Checkout Pages Almanac to build one? Not anymore. You can get them out the door fast. Using our hosted pages. Without writing a line of code. They're customizable, and secure with Level 1 PCI compliance. They look great on desktops, mobiles, and tablets. And there's iframe support that works.

> Checkout Pages explained

Convert more prospects into paying customers

Payment options

Did you know that 60% of the planet still prefers non-card payments? Don't let that affect your business. Bump up your conversions by offering alternative payment options like PayPal, Amazon Payments. Someone wants to pay by cash or check? You can accept those too, with the same flexibility to manage subscriptions.

> Multiple Payment Methods > Alternative Payments

Get all your subscription data in one place

Subscription management

Get instant access to detailed information on subscriptions, so that you can: Extend trials. Edit plans. Add discount codes. Accept checks. And perform other essential tasks. Effortlessly. Your Finance, Support, Sales and Marketing teams will be elated. In fact, they'd report frequently falling off their barstools, out of sheer joy.

> Manage your Trials
Vinyl me, please

"Chargebee has given us greater control over our member management and product diversification as well as deep insight into our revenue cycles and member cash flow."

Send seriously slick invoices

Elegant invoices

The date. The clerical numbers. What was bought. What was paid. Where to bill. Where to ship. A note or two, to be clear, to be thankful, to make someone smile. All that stuff. Captured. Elegantly rendered. On a minimal invoice. Delivered straight to your customer's inbox.

> What makes an Invoice?

Keep customers in the know about nearly everything

Notifications by email

A trial is about to end? Send a gentle reminder. A card is about to expire? Request another one. Saw a badger in a bow-tie? There's no trigger for that yet. But yes, you can set up trigger based emails for almost all other goings-on of a customer's lifecycle.

> List of Events
Antti Virolainen, Co-founder, Sharetribe

"Chargebee has allowed us to grow to customer numbers that we never would have managed with manual billing."

Empower your team to get stuff done

Built for teams

Let's say, someone in your sales team wants to offer a discount and close a sale. Someone from the support team has to resolve a ticket. You don't have to make them wait. You don't have to bother your developers either. Tap dancing with delays isn't fun, after all. With role based access, you can let them get more done on their own. Fast.

> Role based Access

Don't lose revenue due to failed payments

Dunning management

Declined cards translate into trouble. And until it's too late, customers don't even get to know that there's an issue. With dunning management, whenever a card fails, you can use smart retries or request new payment information to recover lost revenue.

> Dunning Management - How it works?
APIs that are really good at being APIs

With our APIs at your helm, you can create remarkably consistent in-app experiences.
Play with the sample code. Build with a language of your choice. Practice cosmic chuckles.
And rely on documentation that's easy to grasp.

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You'd feel a deep kinship with our customers.

We know why. They're all driven by a desire to make something that matters.
Just like you.

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On Multiple Payment Gateways

There's much to be said about the benefits of having multiple payment gateways.
Most importantly, the fact that you can scale your reach with ease.
Chargebee supports gateways in 50+ countries.