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Finance Forum '22

A Conference For Strategic Finance Leaders

As the world today grapples with economic uncertainty, finance leaders need to have the right blend of financial acumen and agility. Today, SaaS businesses need decision-makers who can steer the organization through choppy waters while ensuring sustainable long-term growth. For that, finance leaders need a holistic view of the rhythms of the business to shape its future growth.

Join us for power-packed sessions with our experts who tell us how the best-of-breed revenue management infrastructure can move finance leaders from the engine room to the driving seat.

Trusted by Finance Leaders of Leading SaaS Businesses

Blueprint to Modern Finance

Michael Stanton

CFO, Diligent Corporation

Mike Beach

CFO, Chargebee

As a new-age finance leader, you have to look beyond the balance sheet. You have to drive your finance team to rethink their missions and operate models while being abreast of new technologies.

Join us as our experts decode the DNA of a modern finance leader.

Addressing the “GAAP” with RevRec

Craig Kirsch

GM RevRec, Chargebee

Tony Ricciardella

CPA and SaaS Expert, Chargebee

Revenue recognition standards have been around for a while but CFOs and their teams continue to assess their processes and controls to ensure they meet the needs of management, their investors, and regulators.

When the Finance Leader steps up, Revenue jumps curve. Join our On-demand Webinar to learn from our Finance Experts

How to evolve your Revenue Model faster than the market changes?

Patrick Campbell

Founder & CEO, ProfitWell

Anish Narumanchi

SaaS Expert, Chargebee

Your revenue model is the single-most powerful weapon and can determine if your SaaS company joins the Unicorn club or the Oblivion club. Join us to learn how you can move the needle in evolving your revenue model.

How to identify (and prevent) your subscription revenue leakage?

Rajeev Chari

Director, Receivables

Sushant Malik

SaaS Expert, Chargebee

As a SaaS company goes through different stages of evolution, finance workflows typically become more complex. Moreover, there are crucial decisions you need to make as a finance leader — choosing the right tech stack, maintaining records, handling team structures, making sure there are no revenue leaks.