Chargebee SaaS Summit

For SaaS leaders crusading to hyper-growth.

How do you enable functions to look beyond individual goals and run towards common revenue goals? Where’s the map that helps teams find those North Star metrics that can lead the company to greatness? And who will orchestrate the grand symphony of revenue optimization?

Every promising SaaS business deserves hypergrowth and shouldn’t worry about these issues.

Join us for a power-packed session as we bring together some of the most prominent voices in RevOps under one roof. Our panelists will speak from their experience about how you can prepare to address pains in all areas of SaaS growth.

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From Touchpoints To Journeys


Ronald Bogaerds

Revenue Enablement Lead,

Learn more about the importance of customer-centricity throughout the revenue engine.

The Waltz of Marketing And Sales

Brandon Most

VP and Head of Marketing,

Ajay Manglani

Global VP, Revenue Marketing,

Experience through the lens of growth leaders, how teams are coming together in becoming an integral part of the customer experience.

Capitalizing Revenue Opportunity Across Your Subscription Lifecycle


Tony Ricciardella

CPA and SaaS Expert,


Nandhitha Ravindran

Project Manager, Revenue Operations,

Learn how to drive efficiency into your revenue operations.

Open Floor

Tap into the experience of hand-picked industry experts, borrow their hard-earned wisdom, and unlock your potential. We've made the setting less moderated and more personal so you get to decide - feel free to ask questions or schedule an exclusive session with us.

You've worked hard to earn that revenue. Don't lose it to process inefficiencies.