eCommerce business reached an all-time high of 16.4% of total global retail sales in 2020. With more people buying online and choosing subscriptions than ever before, ecommerce businesses are presented with an array of challenges they must get ahead of in order to sustain growth. Join us at SubCommNxt '22 to connect with and hear insights from experts leading the D2C revolution, unlock the power of headless commerce, and learn valuable strategies that ensure your ecommerce business stays ahead of the competition.

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Opening Keynote

Headless commerce: Why and when you should go for it?

Al Henderson

Chief Sales Officer, EagleEye

Niranjan Ramesh

Sr Marketing Manager, Chargebee

At what stage in your business should you consider headless commerce? Since every business is unique, the answer might not always be apparent. Learn how to map your growth objectives, resource constraints, and motivations into a matrix to evaluate headless commerce and transform the future of your subscription business.

Fireside Chat

Building a cohesive consumer journey at scale

Philippa Mathews

Sales Manager, Adyen


SaaS Expert, Chargebee

Great consumer experiences are at the heart of every successful business. Learn how to ensure first-class consumer experiences when serving thousands of customers in multiple geographies. Figure out the complexities of going global, what you should expect and pre-empt, while scaling your eCommerce business.

Everything you need to scale your eCommerce business.
Fireside Chat

Minimizing churn for your subscription eCommerce business

Guy Marion

General Manager, Brightback Retention Products

Kelly Knutson

Head Of eCommerce, Chargebee

Leverage real-time pricing, intelligent discounts, and check-out offers to retain customers. Learn and implement strategies to mitigate churn and boost your customer LTVs in this engaging micro-session.

Closing Notes and Networking

Open Floor

Get to know the people pushing ahead the future of subscriptions in eCommerce. We've made the setting less moderated and more personal so you get to decide - ask questions or make it a casual chat.

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