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How would it be to tell your grandkids that you met your wife on Youtube? Weird? Yes, that’s why that did not take off. The video streaming service, Youtube, was initially a dating website where people could upload videos of themselves talking about their ideal partner. The founders even offered $20 for women who uploaded videos of themselves, but nobody came forward. 

So, instead of telling people what to upload, the founders decided to let people decide what they wanted to upload. Then it came. 18 seconds footage of elephants, the tsunami, how to build a pool, name it, and you got it. Soon Youtube was welcoming over 30,000 viewers a day. Within six months, there were over 2 million users on the website every day. 

Many businesses make the mistake of assuming that they know what their customers want. But if you listen closely to the market and follow the breadcrumbs your customer leaves, you might see something very different. It might as well be the yellow brick road to disruption. In this week’s Compass, let's take a look at some untapped opportunities.

How businesses can overcome the challenges of subscription billing

In a conversation with Payments Journal, Krish Subramanian, the CEO of Chargebee drops five steps that any business can take to minimize roadblocks on their transition to a subscription revenue model.

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Subscriptions Are on the Rise: The 451 Take

Chargebee recently partnered with 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, to identify the key attributes you should consider when choosing a partner. 

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Leveraging Customer Feedback in a World of Change: Nuggets from Leela Srinivasan

SurveyMonkey’s Leela Srinivasan and Bill Macaitis discuss the importance of customer-centricity, crafting GTM & pricing strategies in the world of change and innovation.

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