Hi there,

In this week's edition, we're taking a break from our delightful (if we may say so ourselves) thematic anecdotes. We have some exciting news, so we're screaming it from all the (digital) hilltops :)

Last week, we announced that we raised $250 million at a $3.5 billion valuation in our latest funding round co-led by premier Venture Capital partners Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global, with participation from existing investors Insight Partners, Sapphire, and Steadview Capital.

The demand for subscription businesses has gotten stronger in the past year, and companies, even from 'traditional' industries, are dipping their toes into recurring revenue streams. You can now buy subscriptions for tacos and underpants - no, really, you can! 

When Sequoia Managing Director Tejeshwi Sharma said that "every company will be a subscription company in the future," we couldn't agree more. 

Subscription-based businesses have continued to grow and evolve - hello, consumption-based pricing - and Chargebee has continued to innovate and scale with our customers. This new round of funding allows us to continue building the best products on the market, expand globally into new territories, and guarantee that we can solve pressing problems both now and into the future.

If you're one of our customers, thank you for being a partner in our growth. This wouldn't have been possible without your support! 

How's your subscription business going if you aren't a part of our family yet? Let's talk :)


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