Episode 01

Building a Billion-Dollar SaaS Marketing Playbook

In this episode, Vikram Bhaskaran unearths actionable tips on how Bill Macaitis, the marketing legend behind Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce and now Macaitis Advisory helped these companies achieve hyper-growth employing a unique customer-centric approach.

Bill Macaitis Former, CRO/CMO, Slack

Episode 01

Bill Macaitis - Building a Billion-Dollar SaaS Marketing Playbook

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Joining Vikram on the podcast today is one of the most prolific marketers within the SaaS industry, Bill Macaitis. For the very few who may not know, Bill has served as the Chief Revenue Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer at Slack, where he was instrumental in helping it become the fastest growing B2B company ever to hit $100M in annual recurring revenue in just two years. He has also served as the leading go-to-market executive at both Zendesk and Salesforce, and, these days, Bill helps other companies achieve hyper-growth employing a unique customer centric approach, through his company, Macaitis Advisory.

Bill begins by sharing his perspective on how B2B brands can be unique, some examples of using humor in marketing, the things he has done differently to delight customers, and the concept of products being developed 'out of pain'. He offers his views on the 'magic' he has brought to companies and the components that go into it, such as finding a larger mission, changing hearts and minds, accessing the beginner mindset, and maintaining ensuring that marketing is communicating value rather than simply being annoying. Bill concludes by sharing his main takeaway for marketers gleaned from his vast experience in, and keen insight into, the field. As you will hear, Bill brings his trademark sense of humor and delight which he injects into marketing to this highly informative and thoroughly entertaining interview here today.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Bill's perspective of how B2B brands can be unique

  • His story of using humor in marketing

  • Things that Bill has done differently to delight customers

  • Developing products 'out of pain'

  • Quirky vs. silly

  • Organizational structure

  • Bill's 'magic'

  • Finding a larger mission

  • Changing hearts and minds

  • The beginner mindset

  • The fine line between communicating value to the world and just being annoying in marketing

  • Bill's main takeaway for marketers