Episode 05

Building a Culture of Customer Success

Heidi Lasker, VP of Customer Success at Bynder, speaks about humanizing customer experiences and discusses the latest trends and tricks in creating and maintaining a customer-centered culture within organizations.

Heidi Lasker VP of Customer Success, Bynder

Episode 05

Heidi Lasker - Building a Culture of Customer Success

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Vikram welcomes Heidi Lasker, VP of Customer Success, Americas at Bynder, to the podcast this week. As you will hear, Heidi is a proven data-driven Customer Success leader who is fully focused on growing and managing teams that drive customer adoption, retention, expansion and advocacy. Through her work, she has become a spokesperson for humanizing customer experiences, making her the perfect person to discuss the many aspects involved in building organizations boasting customer success cultures.

Heidi is absolutely overflowing with information and advice as she reviews customer success trends, explains the role of the Customer Success Department, and then delves into the many aspects that go into creating and maintaining a customer centered culture within the organizations. Along the way, she addresses ensuring a unified voice across all channels, the key pillars in customer success, focusing on objectives and key results, the sales side of her job, and customer health score tracking. All of this leads to her concluding thoughts regarding the need for investing in customer success as early as possible in the life of an organization. As you listen in today, you will undoubtedly agree that Heidi’s passion, knowledge and insight into her work render this episode, as Vikram notes, ‘a phenomenal learning experience’.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Heidi’s perspective on current and future trends in customer success

  • The role of the customer success department in delivering customer experience

  • Building a culture where customer success extends into every touch point

  • Ensuring a unified voice across departments/channels

  • The secret behind Bynder's lasting customer relationships

  • The 4 key pillars in building a culture of customer success

  • Breaking down silos between teams

  • The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) model

  • Heidi’s approach to the sales side of her job

  • Customer health score tracking

  • When and why a scale-up should start investing in customer success