Episode 10

Sales Strategies and Communities

Scott Leese is a sales leader, a founder, and an author who runs Scott Leese Consulting., Surf & Sales, and Thursday Night Sales. In this episode, he takes us through how an autoimmune disease changed his perspective forever and made him the sales leader he is today.

Scott Leese Co-Founder of Scott Lease Consulting

Episode 10

Scott Leese - Sales Strategies and Communities

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Joining Vikram on the show today is Scott Leese, a mentor coach and leader in the field of start-up sales. He is currently the founder of Surf and Sales, an alternative to sales conference, and the author of two bestselling books on Amazon. In addition, he is the Co-Founder of Scott Lease Consulting, a firm that helps people with sales strategy and processes.

After his 23rd birthday, Scott started battling autoimmune diseases, ulcerative colitis, and a colon cancer scare. After starting his career at the age of 27, Scott quickly moved up the ladder and went on to lead the sales function at companies. As you listen, you’ll learn about Scott’s journey from being a sales leader to starting his own company. Scott discusses topics like why businesses need a playbook and the importance of adding value to your customers. Then, Scott reviews the mistakes firms make when it comes to sales and scaling up their businesses, and he finishes up by discussing his offbeat sales communities and how people can join them.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Scott Leese’s illnesses

  • Scott’s determination and commitment towards sales

  • How Scott enjoys working with early-stage start-ups

  • Why businesses need to have a playbook

  • Scott’s career mistakes

  • The addiction model in sales

  • Scott’s offbeat communities about sales