Episode 07

Building Your Business Strategy

Peep Laja, the number one conversion rate optimization expert in the world, speaks with us about the importance of being innovative to let both your company and product stand out.

Peep Laja CEO of Wynter and CXL

Episode 07

Peep Laja - Building Your Business Strategy

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Joining Vikram on the podcast today is the number one influential conversion rate optimization expert in the world, Peep Laja. In 2011, Peep founded CXL, a company that brings advanced-level marketing training to next-generation marketers, training them on growth, customer acquisition, analytics, and conversion optimization. He founded Wynter to bring insights to marketing copy to improve conversion rates. Today, Peep is a serial entrepreneur and top conversion expert, having raised three successful businesses.

Peep begins by sharing his journey as an entrepreneur, and how he started as a freelancer earning money by doing PPC, SEO, and light consulting. He delves into the growth of CXL and why it was necessary to build a company like CXL. He also discusses how CXL was able to stand out from the crowd by focusing on the conversion optimization niche. Throughout the episode, Peep talks about the importance of being innovative to let both your company and product stand out. The episode ends with some advice from Peep to budding marketers who are just starting their career or looking to improve: be ambitious, be around ambitious people, and aim to become the best.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Peep Laja discusses his entrepreneurial journey.

  • What are the two kinds of marketers?

  • Why you should be a ‘T-shaped’ marketer.

  • Peep’s marketing journey - from conversion optimization to strategic branding.

  • How CXL stood out with the conversion optimization niche.

  • Doing something different to make your business stand out. 

  • Implementing the value of your products in the minds of your customers.

  • Market penetration as the most important aspect of marketing.

  • The importance of good copy

  • Why your product needs to be innovative.

  • Peep’s advice to budding marketers.

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