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Krish Subramanian
CEO & Co-founder, Chargebee
Brian Clark
President, Go-to-Market, Chargebee
Matthew Turk
CFO, Screencloud
Deborah Whitmee
Vice President of Accounting, Typeform
Julien Balmont
Co-founder & CTO, Zenchef
Kishore Konakanchi
CPO, Chargebee
Guy Marion
CMO, Chargebee
Inga Flicker
Director Small Partner Solutions, HomeToGo
Gilles Bertaux
Co-founder & CEO, Livestorm
Gary Lumsdon
CFO, Freepik
Jason Hemingway
CMO, Phrase
Ash Lomberg
Vice President GTM - EMEA, Chargebee
Tobias Plaputta
CTO, Spark Networks
Shakti Bharath
Vice President - Solution Consulting, Chargebee
Edouard Celier
CFO, Brevo
Michael Smink
Strategic Growth Lead EMEA, Chargebee
Carl Nightingale
Head of Product for Chargebee Retention, Chargebee
Prittam Bagani
Senior Director, Product Management, Chargebee