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A seamless interface for online or offline payments

Hosted checkout pages make it a breeze to get started with minimal time and design resources needed. With integration with multiple payment gateways and the ability to manage subscriptions and multiple plans, fine-tune your checkout process to fit your business needs. Create and manage coupons effortlessly and improve your conversions and extend your business coverage with support for offline payments that you can effortlessly reconcile.

Improve payment experience by ironing out all conversion hassles

As a business catering to different geographies, your customers prefer paying via different payment methods like wire transfer, local e-wallets, direct debit, or local credit cards. No matter what the payment preferences may be, Chargebee gives you a single source of truth for all your customers’ payment data. With support for multiple payment methods and 100+ currencies, you can bring to your business a local financial representation, that allows for transfers across borders far easier.

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No more payment failures and lost revenue

20-40% of your churn is involuntary. Identify customers who might be churning due to expired or declined cards and analyze individual transactions against parameters such as payment success and failures. With automated reminders for unpaid bills and intelligent payment retries, you can start recovering revenue from failed payments.

A single source of truth for mobile & web subscriptions

It can be particularly challenging to track how much revenue you are getting through App Store and Play Store. Bring visibility of channel-wise revenue data, control over subscriber communication, and save on hours of development and maintenance work in provisioning and verifying the billing accuracy by adopting Chargebee’s Mobile Solutions.

Protection and compliance at its core

Launch your product, collect payments and handle credit cards without worrying about compliant checkout standards. With Chargebee taking care of legal regulations such as PCI, PSD and PSD2, you can trust that all your transactions are secure and compliant.

Build an Amazing Subscription Experience

Global Compliance
Integrated sub-ledger for all your revenue streams that is configurable for your IFRS-15, GAAP, or ASC-606 policies. PCI-DSS, SOC, HIPAA– we got you covered!

Talks to your CRM and accounting stack
Handle quotes, approvals, acceptance, and collections from within the CRM. Reconcile books, handle compliance, and recognize revenue seamlessly.

Supports several secure payment processors
Streamline subscription management by easily integrating with multiple secure payment gateways and sync your revenue data with integrations built for your favorite platforms.

Analytics with Powerful RevOps Engine
An array of 150+ SaaS metrics and alerts including for MRR, Churn, CAC:LTV, and Quick Ratio.

Voitek Sobieszczanski
VP of Finance,
Chargebee was able to ‘sit on top’ of our existing payment processor with no complications. It provided us the ability to offer multiple payment options, which helped us acquire a more diverse set of customers using our solution.
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