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Achieve all your use cases whether you are just starting out on subscriptions or scaling it globally. Manage variable pricing, discounts and add-ons, consolidated invoicing, calendar billing, and subscription backdating.

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Experiment with pricing like you’ve never done before

It’s super easy to create all possible kinds of plans, add-ons and subscriptions by combining different services from preset packages. Chargebee lets you adjust pricing policy, test pricing models or trials, and try new billing techniques out of the box.

A seamless checkout experience for your customers

Hosted checkout pages make it a breeze to get started with minimal time and design resources needed. With integration with multiple payment gateways and the ability to manage subscriptions and multiple plans, fine-tune your checkout process to fit your business needs.

Streamline invoicing and automate any billing logic

Save effort by auto-calculating renewal and refund amounts, auto-charging recurring accounts, and tracking invoices and payments. Manage voiding and deleting of invoices to bring a high level of flexibility and control over your billing process.

Discover how Chargebee can support your unique subscription workflows.

Save development effort with a ready-to-use customer portal

Chargebee’s customer-facing portal couldn’t make it easier to go to market faster by allowing your customers to easily update their payment information, adjust billing details, get invoices, and change their subscriptions themselves without you having to manually process their request.

Start collecting revenues effortlessly

Centralize online and offline subscriptions and get comprehensive control for all your subscription needs. Track payments from customers and follow up when they have unpaid invoices, payment failures, or credit card expiration and recapture accounts that would have otherwise churned.

Protection and compliance at its core

Launch your product, collect payments and handle credit cards without worrying about compliant checkout standards. With Chargebee taking care of legal regulations such as PCI, PSD and PSD2, you can trust that all your transactions are secure and compliant.

Build an Amazing Subscription Experience

Global Compliance
Integrated sub-ledger for all your revenue streams that is configurable for your IFRS-15, GAAP, or ASC-606 policies.

Super-fast API
Easy to setup API to integrate extremely fast with your existing code source. Get up and running even sooner with a quick and responsive support team.

Supports several secure payment processors
Streamline subscription management by easily integrating with multiple secure payment gateways and sync your revenue data with integrations built for your favorite platforms.

Analytics with Powerful RevOps Engine
An array of 150+ SaaS metrics and alerts including for MRR, Churn, CAC:LTV, and Quick Ratio.

Daniel Chen
Finance Manager, Deliverr
Billing is arguably the most important piece of the entire lifecycle of a transaction. Chargebee has been instrumental in helping us scale to the level we are at now, even with a fairly limited headcount.
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