Celebrating Changemakers

Because some people don’t just live through change. They champion it.

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Change. It’s all around us. All the time. And it’s natural to resist. To take cover. To shelter and survive.

Then, there’s the few that see it differently. They don’t fight. They don’t shelter in. They refuse to just survive - instead looking at Change as an Opportunity to make a difference.

While some may call them lucky- those that were there at the right place at the right time... we call them visionaries.


Decoding Change through Conversations

What if we have a ringside view into the best kept secrets of change makers who have disrupted the industries they reside in?

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Heidi Lasker

Building a Culture of Customer Success

Bill Macaitis

Building a Billion-Dollar SaaS Marketing Playbook


Some people don’t just surf the board - they make the wave. And it is people like that who make dents in business, in their worlds and in our lives. Here are some stories of businesses that have questioned status-quo to make the unthinkable possible.

How Freshworks scaled from 500 to 50000 customers.

In 2010, Freshworks set out with the ambition to build the best-in-class customer and employee engagement software, and in just 2 years the demand exploded. Determined as ever, Freshworks asked, "What does this change make possible?" Watch the video to find out how Freshworks championed change and went on to expand from 500 to 50,000 customers spread across 120+ countries.

How Makespace expanded from 4-31 markets in 1 year.

When a global pandemic put an ambitious expansion plan on hold, MakeSpace could have panicked. Instead, the team asked - "What does this change make possible"? Watch the video to find out how MakeSpace championed change and went on to expand from 4 to 31 markets in a matter of just 1 year!


There’s a Champion of Change within. If you’ve ever noticed an opportunity, but were held back because of the status quo, you know that pain.

If you ever fought back, and broke through anyway, you are

A Champion of Change already.

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Let’s enable a world that’s ready to embrace CHANGE by celebrating the Champions of Change.