Components & Fields


Using Chargebee Components & Fields, you can ​​build a PCI-compliant payment collection component without compromising your application’s theme and style.


In case you choose to avoid Chargebee checkout page for better customizations and control, you need to make sure you are PCI Compliant.

Chargebee helps you solve this by providing you with customizable Components and Fields. You can customize the components based on your application’s style and theme without worrying about PCI Compliance.


  • Instead of using your input fields, you will use Chargebee Components to collect card details. Chargebee Components are iframe based input fields.
  • ​​End user will enter card details in Chargebee Components.
  • Before submitting form or making Ajax calls for actions like Creating a Subscription or Updating card details, get a Chargebee token against the details entered.
  • At your server, use this Chargebee token along with the below mentioned APIs, for performing different set of actions,

Card collection

Card details can be collected in two different ways,

  • Default mode
  • Fields mode

Default Mode

In Default mode, Number, Expiry and CVV fields will be seen as a single entity.

Fields Mode

In Fields mode, you can do field level customizations and make sure all fields in your form look similar.

What are the different customizations possible?

  • You can pass your CSS styles to Chargebee Components and customize font, color, placeholder, etc. Check our API reference for all CSS properties supported.
  • Placeholder text
  • Localization
  • Callback support for different component states like focussed, complete, invalid and empty
  • You can specify which CSS class should be added based on different states, to the container that holds the iframe.

Support for various front end frameworks

Chargebee Components are built using vanilla JavaScript and can be easily integrated with all front end frameworks. We provide wrappers for Angular, React and Vue frameworks to allow quick integration.

Container element

You need to have a container element in your HTML to mount Chargebee Components. Our iframes will be inserted inside this container element. You can also add CSS to this container element to style our Components.