1. How does Chargebee determine a returning user? Chargebee's hosted checkout page supports returning customers. Please jump to this page for more details.

  2. Is it possible to setup Plan/Addon quantity restrictions in Chargebee's Self-Serve Portal and checkout?
    Yes it is possible to setup quantity restrictions. Please jump to this page for more details.

  3. Can I restrict the plans which I show during the change subscription in Chargebee’s self-serve portal?
    Yes, you can. Please jump to this page for more details.

  4. What is Google's Address Autocomplete?
    While entering the address details, Google's Address Autocomplete plugin will fetch the details and fill them automatically in the address fields. Hence, your customers need not fill in the complete address details.

By default, we use our credentials for using this plugin. In case you are using a custom domain, you need to give your credentials for using this plugin. Please contact our support team for setting this up.
  1. What is a custom domain?
    Also known as white-labeling, this lets you have your brand's domain, instead of Chargebee's on the hosted pages' URLs. This ensures that all the users will feel that portal/checkout loads from your domain instead of Chargebee's which gives a consistent user experience.

  2. I'm using Chargebee's hosted pages. How do I activate reCaptcha for my custom domain?

    1. Whitelist chargebee.com and js.chargebee.com in your reCaptcha account.
    2. Send the reCaptcha keys to support@chargebee.com and we will enable reCaptcha for your custom domain.
  3. What can be customized as part of the legal terms shown in the portal?

    • Add URLs for Privacy Policy and T&C
    • Configure the text to be displayed in your portal
    • Configure to show the "I agree to.." checkbox or no
  4. What are the payment methods supported in checkout?

Refer to the page on supported gateways and payment methods (opens new window).