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Gain strategies, insights, and actionable ideas on scaling your subscription business from a dynamic, curated lineup of industry leaders.
Mon, Mar 04
The Past, Present, And Future of Subscriptions: A Decade In Review
It’s no secret that the subscription landscape has evolved. From traditional software-as-a-service and "product of the month" models to loyalty, memberships, and pay-as-you-go, consumers are demanding more choice than ever before when it comes to relationships with their favorite brands — and companies have awoken to the power of recurring revenue.
Join Krish Subramanian, Co-Founder and CEO of Chargebee, as he kicks off beelieve '24 with a look at Chargebee's own transformation from a SaaS startup serving SaaS startups to a global leader in revenue growth management. Hear what Krish has learned from more than a decade in the subscription industry, how those lessons have prepared us for the opportunities and headwinds ahead, and what's next from Chargebee to empower you to drive repeatable success at your organization.
Krish Subramanian
CEO & Co-founder, Chargebee
Driving Efficient Growth in 2024 And Beyond
From "growth at all costs" in 2021 to cost-cutting and "the year of efficiency" in 2023, subscription industry leaders have experienced significant focus shifts. As we enter 2024, business leaders must invest in inorganic growth levers to propel their companies without compromising their bottom line.
Hear from Brian Clark, President of GTM at Chargebee, in conversation with Typeform and Conde Nast as representatives of B2B and B2C subscription leaders about how they've navigated the constant change of the past few years and unlocked efficient growth amidst market turbulence by putting customer experience and customer feedback front and center.
Brian Clark
President, Go-to-Market, Chargebee
Adam Lifshitz
Senior Product Director, Condé Nast
Joaquim Lechà
CEO, Typeform
How Global Software Buying and Selling Will Change In The Age of AI
B2B software buyers now expect consumer-like shopping experiences, conducting self-service research to inform their purchasing decisions. Now, we're entering the age of AI, which only accelerates this trend toward self-service, making it easier than ever to access information on software tools. At the same time, vendors are rushing to deliver AI products and capabilities to meet buyers' demands for automation and efficiency. In this session, G2 CEO and Co-Founder Godard Abel will share insights on the global software landscape according to G2 and discuss how buying and selling software is changing in an age of AI.
Godard Abel
Co-founder & CEO, G2
The 2024 State of the Subscription Market, Fundraising, and M&A Landscape
Amidst tightening budgets and an economic outlook that continues to shift, subscription organizations may feel like they are waiting with bated breath for clarity on when to make their next move. But, is the fundraising environment mirroring B2C and consumer purchasing behavior? What can organizations reasonably expect from the remainder of 2024, and what should they be ready for? In this session, investors, analysts, and finance operators who cover the subscriptions space will discuss their perspectives and predictions for what the next 12-24 months will entail.
Mike Beach
CFO, Chargebee
AJ Malhotra
Managing Director, Insight Partners
Chris Grose
Co-Head of Technology Investment Banking NA, JP Morgan
Tue, Mar 05
Chargebee Product Keynote & Innovation Roadmap
See the latest product innovations from across the Chargebee Revenue Growth Management platform in action.
Watch as Chargebee’s product leaders and customers demo all the new features you’ll have at your fingertips.
Kishore Konakanchi
CPO, Chargebee
RGM Innovations for 2024 and beyond
Join our Product team as they demonstrate solutions that will help you acquire, retain, scale finance operations, and build an integrated RevenueHub. This session will include live and recorded demos on our new AI offerings, Entitlements and pricing optimization modules, and our Ramp pricing upgrade on top of our Salesforce <> Chargebee integration.
Some of these capabilities are fresh off the press, and the audience at Beelieve will be the first to preview the upcoming capabilities. Do attend and let us know how you want to use these capabilities. Oh, and we might have a surprise if you stay till the end!
Jeff Sant
SVP, Customer Experience, Chargebee
Guy Marion
CMO, Chargebee
Nithin Rangarajan
Sr. Director, Product Management, Chargebee
Prittam Bagani
Sr. Director, Product Management, Chargebee
Carl Nightingale
Head of Product for Chargebee Retention, Chargebee
Matthew Blank
Senior Product Manager, Chargebee
Kishore Konakanchi
CPO, Chargebee
How Condé Nast and Bloomberg are mastering digital subscriber growth with pricing and customer lifecycle engagement
Join industry leaders from Bloomberg and Condé Nast for an insightful panel discussion hosted by Chargebee CMO + Retention founder, on the ever-changing landscape of digital media subscriptions. This session will explore the dynamics of crafting, launching, and optimizing subscription services to meet the challenges of today's market demands and tomorrow's opportunities. Discover the lessons learned from the inception of paywalls to present offerings, tackling the challenges of price justification, and customer retention.
Guy Marion
CMO, Chargebee
Adam Lifshitz
Senior Product Director, Condé Nast
Alby Tan
Product Lead of Subscriptions and Pricing, Bloomberg
How to reduce merchant friction and offer a delightful end-customer experience
Friction refers to any obstacle that impedes a customer from completing their journey. Removing friction from the customer experience is essential for businesses to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Payments are at the center of customer experience. This panel will explore the overall obstacles faced by merchants and their customers and focus on steps merchants can take to offer a delightful checkout experience. We will conclude with the role of recent innovations in payments and AI can play in the future of seamless eCommerce.
Imran Hajimusa
GM Payments and Financial Services, Chargebee
Jim Cho
VP of Sales, Checkout.com
Todd Royer
Director, NA Channel Partnerships, PayPal
Sara Bray
Head of Commercial Partnerships, North America, Adyen
Driving Efficient Growth with Digital Transformation
Everyone is talking about digital transformation and the importance of evolving how we do business. But what does this really mean and what are your peers actually doing to impact their organizations? Learn from our panelists who will share the projects they are working on, what they have learned, what they wish they did differently, and what's next.
Lior Golan
SVP, Global Business Technology, Chargebee
Daisy Pham
Senior Manager, Finance Transformation, Chief
Dave Christensen
Chief Product & Technology Officer, FMG
From Idea to IPO: How To Prepare Your Subscription Business For a Liquidity Event
With untethered growth comes uncharted territory — and for companies looking to go public, it can be a challenge to focus on the right areas to lay the foundations for a successful liquidity event. In this session, experienced finance leaders from Chargebee and our customers will take a true look at the back-office preparations subscription businesses need to take in order to prepare for an IPO.
Lydia Stone
CAO, Chargebee
Unlocking the Power of Recurring Revenue: Lessons from Pavilion's Transformation
Join us for an in-depth look at how Pavilion, a thriving subscription-based community of over 10,000 B2B SaaS leaders, transformed under Sam Jacob's leadership.
In this session, we'll dive into the diverse experiences of Pavilion's community members and explore actionable insights for adapting business models, optimizing operations, and driving innovation in today's complex economic landscape. Discover how to unlock the power of recurring revenue and drive growth for your subscription business.
Sam Jacobs
Founder & CEO, Pavilion
Price Pioneers: Trailblazing Through the Terrain of Pricing Experimentation
With consumer choice at an all-time-high, how can subscription organizations determine which price point, package, and pricing model is best for them? In this session, pricing experts and operators who have implemented major pricing changes at their organizations will deep-dive and share proven strategies for experimenting to find the optimal monetization model for your business.
Ariela Bitran
Dir. Pricing Strategy, Chargebee
Barnett Klane
VP Product, Trolley
Automating Tax Compliance for Subscription Businesses
Join us to learn how automation can simplify tax compliance for subscription businesses. With constantly changing tax rules and regulations, staying ahead can be a challenge. In this session, we'll explore how automation solutions can help with real-time tax calculation, tax returns, nexus mapping, state registrations, and more. Discover how Chargebee customers have revolutionized their tax compliance processes and how you can too, while focusing on increasing revenue, reducing risk, and scaling efficient growth for your subscription business.
Luke Yamnitz
Head of Fintech Partnerships, Avalara
Dan Chaney
Director of Finance, Cloverleaf
Roza Anthony
Controller, Repsly
Mastering Tech Stack Optimization: A Practical Blueprint
From interviews with 250 of your peers, learn the five crucial steps to navigate financial challenges, secure funding, optimize financial operations, and drive growth. From establishing financial controls to implementing scalable processes, gain the knowledge and strategies to transform your finance function. The partnership between Chargebee and Sage Intacct allows finance leaders the ability to build a finance tech stack that will allow you to scale from start-up through IPO.
Guy Marion
CMO, Chargebee
David Appel
Global Head - Subscription and SaaS Vertical, Sage Intacct
Special Pre-Conference Learning
Opportunities for Chargebee Users
Join us on Monday morning before the start of the conference to learn from Chargebee experts. Space is limited, please register in advance via link shared after you register for the beelieve conference. Sessions will repeat on Tuesday in breakout rooms during the main conference. Session descriptions and times for Monday and Tuesday listed below.

Improve Quote to Cash Efficiency With Chargebee As You Scale
Discover strategies to expedite your sales cycles by addressing inefficiencies in quoting and internal approval processes. Explore how to streamline manual workarounds for discounts, renewals, and mid-cycle subscription amendments. In this session, gain insights into closing deals more swiftly, optimizing revenue through multi-year ramp deals, and boosting RevOps efficiency using Chargebee's integrated Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) capabilities along with robust CRM integrations.
Raghu Rajagopal
Senior Implementation Architect, Chargebee
Vinay Seshadri
Director of Product, Chargebee
Getting The Most Out Of Chargebee Billing and RevRec Reports
Navigate the complexities of MRR, Churn, and Revenue Recognition with over 150 reports available in Chargebee's extensive data and insights repository. Learn how to leverage existing reports or create custom reports to access the essential and accurate data required for upcoming board meetings, quarterly business reviews, or any subscription reporting cadence, ensuring you have the information you need at your fingertips.
Sathya Narayanan
Senior Implementation Architect, Chargebee
Yogesh Kandlur
VP of Analytics and Data Products, Chargebee
Integrating Chargebee With Your CRM, ERP, And More
Join us for an insightful session where we delve into the pivotal role Chargebee plays within your tech ecosystem, bridging the gap between your front and back office systems. Discover how seamlessly integrating Chargebee can revolutionize your workflows, automate tedious tasks, and ultimately empower your team to focus on what matters most.
Whether you're an executive seeking to boost both top and bottom-line performance or a revenue operations leader aiming to eliminate inefficiencies across functions, this session is tailored to address your needs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to unlock the full potential of Chargebee's integrations and drive unparalleled growth for your business.
Srikrishna Jagannathan
Director of Product Management, Chargebee
Matthew Blank
Senior Product Manager, Chargebee
Best Practices For Migrating To Chargebee
Is the fear of double-billing or downtime keeping you up at night? Join our experts in an exclusive session where we unveil the secrets of a seamless migration to Chargebee. Gain invaluable insights into simplifying the integration of millions of data entries from your legacy system to your Chargebee account. Don't miss this opportunity to conquer your concerns and optimize your transition process!
Akila Sankarasubramanian
Sr Manager - Data Engineering and Migrations, Chargebee
Anjaly Nair
Data Migration Lead, Chargebee
Nithin Rangarajan
Sr. Director, Product Management, Chargebee
Best Practices For Reducing Churn With Chargebee Retention
Learn to craft personalized subscriber experiences that resonate individually, enhancing engagement and reducing churn. Master the art of precise targeting and segmentation, ensuring the delivery of tailored messages to the right audience at the opportune moment. Gain expertise in analyzing customer retention insights and leveraging dynamic reporting features, like Retained Revenue Reporting, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed, data-driven decisions and consistently refine your retention strategies.
Carl Nightingale
Head of Product for Chargebee Retention, Chargebee
Personalized 1:1 tech consultation will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.
Book a session with our product experts to get all your questions answered, including:
  • Workflow Audit: We’ll audit your current QTC workflow and identify functions to simplify, automate and integrate
  • Chargebee Retention: We’ll recommend best practices to drive up customer LTV 
  • Chargebee RevRec: We’ll recommend best practices to ensure automated, compliant revenue recognition
  • Payment gateways: How to optimize your payment gateway costs with Chargebee JS
  • Integrations: How to switch CRM, ERP, payment gateways, or other integrated tools with minimum impact to your business or Chargebee account
  • Data Migration: We’ll look into how your historical data — including customer records and payment information — can be moved to Chargebee, and how we’ve done it for a wide spectrum of customers coming from different data sources, including homegrown systems