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Chargebee Test Gateway 

Chargebee Test Gateway allows you to visualize scenarios such as payment success, payment failure due to invalid card details or insufficient funds, smart routing etc. This is a test gateway and is available only in the Test Site. When you sign up for Chargebee, Chargebee's Test Gateway will be configured by default for your account. However, you can also choose to configure multiple Chargebee Test Gateways if you wish to test the Smart Routing feature.

Here is how you configure the Chargebee Test Gateway:

You can change the card settings by clicking the Manage link in the Payment Methods page.

You can configure the following settings:

Test Card Numbers 

Listed below are test card numbers that you can use to run your simulations using Chargebee's Test Gateway. You can use any 3/4 digit numbers when prompted for CVV and any valid date in the future for expiry date.

Card Number

Card Type

Response Description

4111 1111 1111 1111


Successful Transaction

5555 5555 5555 4444


Successful Transaction

3782 822463 10005


Successful Transaction

6011 1111 1111 1117


Successful Transaction

3530 1113 3330 0000


Successful Transaction

3852 0000 0232 37


Successful Transaction

4119 8627 6033 8320


Card Storage will fail with a gateway verification failure

4005 5192 0000 0004


Charge attempts will fail with an "Insufficient funds" error.

3DS Cards 

You can use these cards to test the 3DS flow.

Card Number

Card Type

Response Description



Use the following amounts to test the below mentioned use cases (amount in cents).

3001: 3D Secure 2 full frictionless flow (immediate transaction flow)
3002: Fallback from 3DS2 to 3DS1
3003: 3D Secure device fingerprint flow with direct authorize (requires lifecycle)
3004: 3D Secure device fingerprint flow to challenge (requires lifecycle and completion call)
3103: 3D Secure device fingerprint flow with forced failure
3104: 3D Secure challenge flow with forced failure

4111 1111 1111 1111


3DS not enrolled

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