Bancontact via Mollie 

Bancontact is a popular card-based payment method in Belgium and the market leader for both online and in-store transactions.

In this documentation, we are going to learn about configuring Bancontact using Mollie. Chargebee allows you to configure and process Bancontact payments with Mollie seamlessly.

To configure Bancontact via Mollie, you must have an account with Mollie and should have configured both SEPA and Bancontact. This is because Bancontact is generally used for one-time payments. In a subscription-based business, you will be charging your customers on a recurring basis. Therefore, Chargebee handles recurring scenarios by converting the Bancontact payment method to the Direct Debit (SEPA) payment method. The first payment happens via Bancontact and all future recurring payments will happen via Direct Debit (SEPA).

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Recurring Payments are not supported by Maestro due to restrictions defined by its network.

Configuring Mollie Bancontact 

  1. Configure link_doc mollie.html] Mollie Payment Gateway[]. If you have already configured it, open the settings page. You can do this by clicking Settings > Configure Chargebee > Payment Gateway > Mollie.
  2. Enable Direct Debit (SEPA). Refer to this document to learn how.
  3. Enable Bancontact (Recurring Via SEPA Direct Debit). You have now enabled Mollie Bancontact.

Managing Recurring Payments 

Mollie Bancontact can be used to make the payment only once. Chargebee handles recurring scenarios by converting Bancontact payment method to Direct Debit (SEPA) payment method. The first payment will happen via Bancontact and all future recurring payments will happen via Direct Debit (SEPA). Therefore, it is important that you inform your customers.

  1. Chargebee allows you to send mandate creation and payment pre-notification from Chargebee. Ensure that you collect the email address of your customers' if you wish to use this feature.
  2. Note that Bancontact via Mollie for Chargebee will not work if you are using in-app browsers.

Checkout Workflow 

The steps below highlight the customer experience while using Chargebee's checkout to make payments via Bancontact.

  • During checkout, the customer selects Bancontact as the payment method.

  • The customer then enters the required information in the dedicated fields in the Billing and Shipping address pages.

  • The customer confirms the mentioned details and clicks Pay & Subscribe.

  • Upon confirmation, they are redirected to the bank's page for authentication.

  • Once the authentication is complete, they will be redirected to the merchant's website where the checkout flow is initiated. The first payment will be processed via Bancontact and a subscription will be created. The payment method will also be converted to SEPA to be used for all future renewals.

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