Creating the Perfect Offer 

When you are just getting started with Chargebee Retention one of the things you'll have to do is create offers in order to present them to your customers. It's widely known that your presentation does make a difference. In this article, we'll expose some of what we have found to be best practices from years of testing and experimenting with retention offers at the point of cancellation.

1. Keep it simple

Remember that your user will only spend about a minute on the page. Overloading them with lengthy copy and content or CTA's that are unclear will likely have them turning down the offer and continuing to cancel.

Do: Create a clear and concise headline, description, and a call to action.

Don't: Overwhelm your user with too much text and/or create a confusing call to action.

2. Don't give your canceler another task, do it for them.

Avoid giving your canceller hoops they need to jump through in order to accept your offer. Your customer has already clicked cancel so if the offer doesn't follow through with a remedy, they're likely to just come right back and cancel anyways.

Do: Tell your customer you have a solution for them and that you will take care of it or help them along the way.

Don't: Give your customer a job to do or a series of tasks unless it's potentially a resource they haven't discovered yet.

3. Always be testing

Just because you have an offer that is working well don't be afraid to mix it up. Using the same offer action, you can simply duplicate the template and tweak the content or call to action. Start by slicing off a little bit of traffic to find out if your new copy resonates differently with your users.

Do: Try giving the offer a copy tweak or different context. e.g. 10% off vs 10$ off. Is it a discount or a credit?

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