Frequently Asked Questions 

How does Chargebee Retention count user sessions? 

Chargebee Retention counts only unique visits to your application based on the subscription id or internal id that you send us in the snippet. If a user clicks cancel twice they will only be counted once.

Are all elements of the survey required? 

No. The only element in the survey that is required is the survey reason for canceling. The competitor, likelihood to return, and additional feedback are recommended but the requirement can be disabled or removed entirely.

How does a user end up on the watchlist? 

Users that load the survey and do not finish with a cancel will end up on the watchlist after 30 minutes. This includes users that accept an offer, click back or never mind, and close their browser.

What determines if a user is saved? 

By default, if your user loads the page and does not come back to cancel after 30 days, Chargebee Retention will count them as a save. This time period is adjustable in your account settings.

Can I change the structure and look of the cancel experience? 

You have full control over the look and feel of your branding using our WYSIWYG editor or by adding custom CSS. The default structure of the page is a best practice template that our research has shown to be effective in deflecting cancels without adding an unnecessary level of friction.

Does Chargebee Retention work with standalone e-commerce sites like Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento 

Yes, we have many customers using e-commerce platforms. You'll need the ability to add a code snippet where your cancel button lives and populate it with variables while triggering the cancel or offer action when an event is received from Chargebee Retention.

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