Integrating with Chargebee Billing 

We now provide you two options to integrate Chargebee Retention and Chargebee Billing. They are:

If you are currently a Chargebee merchant, we recommend that you use the Signup Flow as this will automatically establish the correct API key, sync it with Chargebee Retention, and enable either the Portal Integration or Retention API instructions.

Signup Flow within Configure Chargebee 

Chargebee Billing merchants can now integrate their Site with Chargebee Retention via the Configure Chargebee Settings. Doing so will create a free 30 day trial of Chargebee Retention's Essentials plan that is automatically linked to your Chargebee Billing site via an API key we create for you.

Navigate to Configure Chargebee > Customer-Facing Essentials and select Chargebee Retention.

This will take you to a landing page where you can initiate this signup flow. You will be prompted to Create your company where you will provide a Company Name, Company Key (must be unique and will be autogenerated from name), and Domain.

Once you have provided these, we will ask you to create a user login with Chargebee Retention either using google authentication or a user name and password.

Once you have created your use you will be routed to the Chargebee Retention Dashboard and your Site will be connected to Chargebee Retention via an API key we automatically generate. You can read more about this signup flow in Chargebees docs.

Once you are integrated, you will need to go through the steps to configure Chargebee Retention to go live. If you have any questions about how this signup flow works, please contact

API Keys in Chargebee Retention Settings 

An alternative option is to create your API Keys and integrate Chargebee Billing + Chargebee Retention yourself via the Retention Settings. You will want to pick a "Full-Access" key if you plan to utilize the Manage Cancel feature to update subscriptions.

Once you have created your key, you can add it to Chargebee Retention.

We allow you to map both a Live and Test site Key into Chargebee Retention. This allows you to use the Test site for testing your Cancel Experience.

Note: if you choose this route and want to integrate Chargebee via the Customer Portal or Retention API, we will need to configure an additional setting for you. Please either use the signup flow above or contact and we will assist you.

Once you are integrated, you will need to go through the steps to configure your Cancel Experiences to go live you also can review the full set of Features we offer with our Chargebee Billing Integration here.

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