Testing in Chargebee Retention 

A core component of Chargebee Retention is the ability to set up different tests across your entire cancel Audience, or within a targeted Audience. Chargebee Retention lets you take a statistical approach to establish what works best in your cancel experience by leveraging randomization to establish. We outline our approach to thinking through your testing methodology in this article.

Here we will focus on the different types of tests you can set up in Chargebee Retention, and link to the relevant articles on how to configure each. We typically suggest that you start by thinking through our Testing Methodology first, and then dive into the actual testing set up in-app.

There are many use cases testing in Chargebee Retention, but the three most popular that we see are:

  1. Random Offer Tests across Entire Audience
  2. Targeted Offer Tests within Audiences
  3. A/B Testing in Chargebee Retention

If you have any questions or would like help get started with a test in Chargebee Retention, please contact your dedicated CSM or retention-support@chargebee.com and we will be happy to assist.

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