The Chargebee Retention Testing Methodology 

To optimize Chargebee Retention's performance, we'll run a series of randomized tests designed to ensure your Chargebee Retention Offers save the most customers from canceling. During testing we look at and test performance in three ways: Offer Calibration, Audience Discovery, and Page Optimization.

Offer Calibration 

In this phase we aim to discover winning offer combinations by randomly presenting users with a set of offers to determine which offers have the highest lift over the baseline. In the event that there is no clear winning offer combination, we'll shuffle the Offers and repeat.

Once we have a winner, we'll run additional experiments with micro-targeting to compare the winning Offer paired with Reasons.

Audience Discovery 

Pulling information about your customers in via the Chargebee Retention JS snippet, we'll identify trends in customer groups by things like lifetime value, how long they've been a customer, activity, lead source, or even custom attributes. As trends emerge, we'll define them into customer groups, and test and target Offers against different audiences to maximize customer's saved.

To continue testing, we'll pair audiences and Reasons with Offers to identify opportunities to further generate lift. In this phase we are looking to identify the combo of which Audiences work with the best Offer.

Page Optimization 

We'll also test Offer location. We'll perform tests with presenting Offers as pop-up modals when they land on the Chargebee Retention Page, presenting Offers once Reasons are selected, showcasing Offers at the top of the page, and presenting Offers to your customers after the final Cancel button is selected.

We're happy to run tests with you to help optimize your Offers at any time! Contact Us and we'll devise a series of tests to save the most customers we can.

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