Multi-Tenant Login 


Multi-Tenant Login allows users to access multiple sites belonging to a particular merchant. In other words, this feature allows a single user to have access to multiple sites.

Let us take the example of ACME Pvt. Ltd., which is a USA-based company with its headquarters in Boston. ACME has 2 more branches San Diego and Philadelphia. Each branch has a separate instance of the Chargebee Receivables site.

Jacob is a collector from ACME Pvt. Ltd. who manages collections from all 4 branches but has access to only the Boston Receivables account. With the Multi-Tenant Login feature, Jacob can have access to the other two (San Diego and Philadelphia) site instances as well.

If Jacob logs into Chargebee Receivables with his credentials, a list of sites will be displayed, out of which, Jacob can choose to login to and review the collections for that site.

Switching Between Sites 

Once you have logged in to a site, you can switch to another site using the Site Switcher in the left navigation pane.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click Switch next to the site name.
  2. Click on the desired site name from the Select Your Site pop-up menu.

You have successfully switched to the desired site. You can now review the collections and perform any action for that particular site.

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