Using the Chargebee Customer Portal Integration 

Chargebee Merchants using the Customer Portal to manage their cancellations today can now send customers to a Chargebee Retention Cancel Experience when they click Cancel. With this recent integration, you can now deploy a Chargebee Retention Cancel Experience without writing any code. When enabled, the "Cancel Subscription" link in your Portal will route to your Chargebee Retention Page.

In order for this integration to work, you will need to go through the steps outlined in this article to set up your Chargebee Retention Account to work with Chargebee.

How Cancels are Processed via Chargebee Retention 

Review Chargebee Customer Portal Integration 

If you are integrating the Chargebee Customer Portal manually using iframe, confirm your integration includes the following HTML header script on your webpage ("site name" should be replaced with your Chargebee site name).

  <script src="" data-cb-site="site name" ></script>

This is needed to ensure your customers are redirected to Chargebee Retention after clicking Cancel Subscription.

Testing your Chargebee Retention Integration 

Once you have completed your setup in Chargebee Retention, you are ready to test and then deploy your Portal integration. To test the portal integration, you have two options. If you are on Chargebee Retention Performance Plan we provide access to a Sandbox app. You can integrate your test site id and test API key into this Sandbox app and use it to generate a sample session and test the integration end-to-end.

If you do not have access to a Sandbox App, you can integrate your Test API Key into the Chargebee Integration and use our Session Generator / your Test Site Portal preview to run a test session.

To do so, first, add your Test site integration details into the Settings > Integrations tab.

Then you can navigate to Targeting > Session Generator to initiate a sample test session. Note: Test sessions will not count against Reporting, but we will process the events associated with these and update your billing systems accordingly. If you test against a Live Site Key, ensure that you are using a test account when doing so because these tests will update your Chargebee Subscription record.

You also can test from Chargebee directly using the Portal Preview on your test site. You will have to enable the toggle to ensure that traffic is going to the Chargebee Retention page on your test site. When this is enabled, users will be re-directed to Chargebee Retention when they select Cancel Subscription. Once you are satisfied with your tests, you can go into your live site and enable the Chargebee Retention Integration.


If the Chargebee Retention App is integrated incorrectly (ex: a read-only API key has been configured) and the ^ setting is enabled, Chargebee will fall back and cancel the subscription immediately. You will notice when testing this integration that clicking Cancel Subscription in the Portal preview does not route to the Chargebee Retention page, but falls back on the feedback form.

Publishing your Portal Cancel Experience 

Once you have completed testing, you are ready to enable Cancellation via Chargebee Retention for your live Chargebee site. Doing so will route your end users to the Chargebee Retention Cancel Page instead of the Chargebee Portal Cancel experience.

Once this is done, your Portal Integration is live and your Chargebee Retention Dashboard will start to populate with data!

If you need assistance getting started with the Chargebee Retention Customer Portal, please reach out to

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